Kingdom Hearts Streamer ViolinSR Beats Yozora Blindfolded

Kingdom Hearts Streamer ViolinSR Beats Yozora Blindfolded

Kingdom Hearts streamer and world record holder ViolinSR has beaten Yozora while blindfolded.

Yozora is often considered the most difficult boss in Kingdom Hearts history as his fight switches up the formula of the Kingdom Hearts combat system and plays with your expectations. ViolinSR against the odds was able to defeat him with his sharp skills, despite a lack of vision.

He knew exactly when to defend against Yozora’s lightning-fast lasers, dodge his prisms, and attack during the right moments of gameplay. It’s impressive to defeat him without a blindfold, let alone with it. The audio from the game helped him succeed as it helped him time his moves.

“I could not have pulled this off if it wasn’t for the amazing audio design in this fight,” said ViolinSR, “Square Enix and the KH team deserve to be applauded for this.” The Kingdom Hearts streamer said that it took him around five to six hours of playtime to pull it off. He also said his prior experience with the infamous boss helped him accomplish this feat as well.

Currently, ViolinSR holds the world record for Kingdom Hearts 1’s Beginner speedrun on PS5 at 2:08:52. CATempleton previously held the top time on PS4. The two systems have been mixed together on the official Speedruns website.

Kingdom Hearts news has been glacially slow in 2021 so far, but as no new projects are expected to be revealed this year, it makes complete sense. The last we heard is that the next Kingdom Hearts entry could be released much further down in the PS5/Xbox Series X generation. No confirmed titles have been announced as of yet.

Despite the lack of news, the future of Kingdom Hearts seems bright. It’s now the end of the Xehanort (Dark Seeker) saga, so we are moving on into the world of Quadratum. The ending of Melody of Memory left fans wanting more but left them intrigued as to what series director Tetsuya Nomura and his team has in store. We pondered on some theories shortly after Melody of Memory’s release.

There’s a possibility we’ll see what’s next from Nomura during the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Orchestra concert that will be streamed live to fans in Japan. Square Enix has a history of showing trailers at musical events, and series producer Shinji Hashimoto has a special video on the schedule for the concert. Next-gen adaptations are expected to be shown, but there could certainly be a new game or DLC installment in the works too.

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