Kirby 64 Might Have A New Game-Breaking Bug On NSO

Kirby 64 Might Have A New Game-Breaking Bug On NSO

Before a time when you could check a guide or post an issue online to find an answer, there may have been moments in games where you got so stuck, you felt as if progression beyond that point was impossible. A few NSO Expansion Pack subscribers were transported back to that time over the weekend. A number of people have been left scratching their heads following the arrival of Kirby 64 on the service, as they are unable to progress through The Crystal Shards' water levels.

Players have discovered the levels aren't harder, but the emulated version of the N64 game appears to have a bug, and a pretty serious one. As highlighted by kayblademasternadroj on Reddit, the bug is activated when Kirby takes damage from certain sources while underwater. The poor pink puffball is so hurt, it renders him stun locked, seemingly until the player restarts the game.

You can see the bug in action in the clip below, and it poses quite the problem for anyone who has progressed that far in Kirby 64. Kirby is stunned once hit and then frozen in time, pushed along by the screen as it moves. The shark continues to launch projectiles at Kirby, and even takes matters into its own hands once the screen stops moving. No movement from Kirby, no additional damage taken, and seemingly no way out other than a restart.

The bug obviously poses a pretty major issue. While it's unclear exactly what will stun lock Kirby underwater, it's probably best to try and avoid everything throughout the duration of those levels. Not that you wouldn't try to do that anyway, but the added risk of having to reset the game should you get hit will make things that much tenser. On underwater levels too, which tend to have added tension as it is.

Nintendo is yet to address the bug, and it also wasn't one that was present in the original version of the game on N64. Hopefully, that means it can be fixed with a simple patch. This isn't the first issue NSO's Expansion Pack games have run into. Shortly after the first batch of games launched, some of the first subscribers complained about the quality of the emulation. That has gradually been fixed over time, but this Kirby 64 problem is one that will need to be repaired as soon as possible.

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