Kirby Cafe Opens Online Store So You Can Eat His Friends At Home

Kirby Cafe Opens Online Store So You Can Eat His Friends At Home

For the most part, it’s been a great year for Nintendo. Titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Ring Fit Adventure were quarantine must-haves last year, and Switch consoles flew off the shelf the longer we had to stay inside. However, one aspect of its business was damaged by the pandemic: Nintendo entering the real world.

Capitalizing on its library of family friendly icons, Nintendo had made plans to have more of a physical presence, with the opening of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan, and Universal Studios Hollywood. The Japan site had to close just a month after opening, and the US version is still under construction, expected to open all the way in 2025.

This wasn’t all that was in the IRL Nintendo portfolio. The limited time pop up Kirby Cafes made a reappearance in 2018, and even opened up some permanent sites in December 2019. However, we now know this was an awful time for a restaurant to open its doors, as they would be shut just months later. All sites closed their doors in April 2020, just a month after the latest store opened.

One year on, there’s been moments of relief, but much of the world is back in lockdown again. Hurting the cafes international appeal, Japan currently isn’t open to tourism as the country battles a fourth wave of the virus. So with the end not quite in sight, the Kirby cafes are going digital.

The new “Kirby Cafe Pop-up Store” opened its virtual doors this week, and will be available for “a limited time”. The store mainly focuses on the merch side of the business, selling unique Kirby themes jewelry, makeup, phone cases and plush toys. There’s also a limited amount of food available, including pasta and candy.

For an authentic Kirby Cafe experience from home, the in-store soundtrack is also available to buy. So far there are two albums, full of original music created for the cafes.

A non Japanese store isn’t available right now. However, the twitter handle for the cafe is @KirbyCafeJP, suggesting it may soon became available in other regions.

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