Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society – Complete Magia Maid And Famyu Seeker Guide

Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society – Complete Magia Maid And Famyu Seeker Guide

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When you start Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society, you’ll have six classes available. They work great when you start and offer multiple passives that help you balance your party. However, if you unlock the two secret classes, you can make more teams and utilize their abilities to fight through the dungeons.

The game doesn’t make it easy to unlock them, so having a guide will help you find the two classes, see what they offer, and incorporate them into your teams. Even though they take time to unlock, they’ll be worth it and can help you finish the game.

Unlocking The Magia Maid

You’ll need to play through the main story to unlock the Magia Maid. You’ll know you’ll unlock it soon once Marta tells you she needs items for an Alchemy Pot. You just have to collect a Magicinal Herb and Iron Eptiaph, to get it, which you’ll find at two key locations.




Magicinal Herb

Narthex B2, Blue 16, Green 25

You should enter through the staircase at Blue 15 and Green 21. Head north, then go east. Once you reach the four-way hallway, go down the south one. You’ll find a south door, so go through it, and the item will be in a chest to the west.

Iron Epitaph

Narthex B3, Blue 12, Green 15

Enter through the staircase at Blue 12 and Green 17. You’ll go through the door to the west, walk along the cliff, and break the wall to the north. Hop over the bog, go through the door to the east, and you’ll find another door east of it. Go through that one, and you’ll find the Iron Epitaph in a chest to the south.

Once you get those items, you’ll go to the Witch Report and watch a few cutscenes. The word “new” appears next to the Witch's Petition, and you’ll find the More Facets petition. Purchase it, and you’ll get the Magia Maid.

Unlocking The Famyu Seeker

The Famyu Seeker also appears once you make some progress through the game. You'll need to collect the fourth Curios d'arte to unlock this class. If you have trouble finding it, you can follow some simple steps to make it easier.

You'll need the Talisman to walk through the Gooey Darkness and reach it.

  • Go to the Yellow Transept dungeon, Layer 2. Enter through the Blue 16 and Green 9 staircase.
  • Enter the north door, head east, and go through the east door to enter the goo.
  • Go through the east door, then head south through an entrance and go south through another.
  • Go southeast in the room until you reach the southeast corner.
  • You'll then need to break the south wall, revealing the Curios d'arte.

You’ll then need to visit the Witch and watch more cutscenes. Like with the Magia Maid, you’ll unlock the More Facets petition, allowing you to get the class.

Character Creation Recommendations

Once you unlock the two classes, you’ll want to know which aspects to focus on in character creation. As such, you’ll want to review the recommended natures, stat growths, stances, and skills to create an ideal character.

Magia Maid

You should choose one of these three natures to get started. You can equip up to two of them, so pick whichever ones you prefer.

Nature Type

Why It Works


You’ll increase your Donum damage while also boosting your Donum defense, helping you survive against magic-based attacks while dealing tons of damage.


You boost your damage, Donum defense, and charm, helping you avoid damage and maximize your best stats.


You get general boosts in your stats, helping you perform better in every regard.

As for stat growths, you’ll want to choose either natural or sharp. Natural will keep your stats at the expected amounts, so you’ll have good damage, Donum resistance, and Charm. Sharp emphasizes those stats but makes you horrible with physical attacks and survivability.

If you want a glass cannon build, go with sharp, though natural will still offer you pretty good damage. Never take flat since the stat balancing will weaken you, even if you survive longer.

You also have three stances to consider.

  • Moon increases your damage-dealing but lowers your defensive stats. Since Magia Maid has significant damage, you can make them maximize their burst with Moon.
  • It never hurts to stick with Standard since you won’t lower your defenses, but you’ll still deal good damage.
  • Don’t bother choosing Sun with Magia Maid. Since you already have low defense stats and great Charm, you’ll only harm your character build if you go with this stance. Not only will you deal less damage, but you’ll get targeted more, and those defensive stats won’t make much difference.

From there, you can go through multiple skills and pick whichever one works best for your playstyle.

The Skill

What It Does

Why It Works

Regen Technique

You'll restore DP.

Since you deal most of your damage through Donum, you won’t have to use basic attacks and deal barely any damage.

Donum Master

Your coven deals more Donum damage.

Since you prioritize damage with this class, having a damage boost never hurts.

Magia Seal

Increase your defense against Flame, Mud, and Fog when you defend.

It works great at helping you survive when you run low on health, so a teammate can heal you.

Famyu Seeker

The Famyu Seeker also offers three solid natures to consider and maximize the class’s strengths.

Nature Type

Why It Works


The major boost to your Agility makes it a solid choice, ensuring you'll act first in most battles.


It doesn't mess with the rest of your stats while giving you a significant boost in your Charm. Since you don't want enemies attacking you, you'll want to maximize this stat to survive longer in battle.


Another significant Agility boost without lowering your other stats further.

As you go through the stat growths, you should pick Natural. Since Famyu Seeker has low stats with defense and attack, you may not want to lower those stats further. You can at least do a few attacks and potentially survive.

Sharp can also work if you want to focus on your agility and support build. However, you should never pick Flat since the stat changes will be minimal and not help you much.

You'll also want to go through the three stances and pick the best ones for your situation.

  • You almost always want to go with Standard when you build a Famyu Seeker. Since the class focuses on Agility and Charm, you don't want to mess with them. They won't be the bulk of the damage in a pact, so you don't need them to worry about it. Just have them focused on healing first to protect the party.
  • You could go with Sun if you want to deal a bit more damage. Since it'll lower your defensive stats further, those changes shouldn't hurt you too much since you have low growth rates on them.
  • Never choose Moon since it'll boost your defensive stats but lower your Charm. You never want to make yourself a target compared to tank classes, so stay away from this stance.

Once you finish those points, you should consider a few crucial skills to help your party succeed.


What It Does

Why It Works

Treasure Seeker

Increases your drop rate in battle.

You can get more items, equipment, and other necessities to keep your party alive and power them up.

Healing Power

Restore some HP to your Coven.

You sometimes need to perform a simple heal on yourself, so having easy access to a heal move in any pact remains useful.

Increase Speed

Boosts the speed of everyone in your Coven.

You can always use more speed to heal party members, so you might as well provide that increased action speed to your group.

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