Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society – How To Defeat Thunder Colt

Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society – How To Defeat Thunder Colt

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As you play through Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon Society, you may not have much trouble with the first few bosses. While they’ll deal decent damage and could knock out your party members, you’ll likely beat them in a few attempts. However, the Thunder Colt is one of the first major obstacles you’ll face in the game.

You’ll run into it on the second floor of the Yellow Transept, standing in the way of your story progression. Since the monster can deal tons of damage and make you lose, ensure you look into strategies, so you’ll survive the fight and discover more Curios d’arte in this NIS JRPG.


You’ll need to prepare by adjusting your party to succeed in this battle. While you have the obvious points, such as having your best equipment, you must look into your levels, classes, pacts, and Reinforce to succeed.

Classes And Pacts

At this point, you should have access to seven classes and seven puppets for your team. You’ll want one of each class to balance out your team for the battle. You should have everyone at least at level 20, but you should aim for level 25 if possible.

For the classes, you’ll want to pair them up based on their weapon types. For example, Peer Fortresses work the best in the Vanguard, but you should keep your Rapid Venator in the Rearguard, so they’ll stay alive. As such, you’ll want to utilize a setup like this to maximize your odds of succeeding.




Why It Works

Witch Troop

Peer Fortress and Astral Crow


You need a team to take most of the damage, making the Peer Fortress and Astral Crow ideal for the position. If you have Gatekeeper's Proof and Heart of Wisdom, you can draw aggro while boosting your defense. You can also contribute to the healing as needed.


Wonder Corsair and Shinomashira


While you want to use them to deal damage, the Recon pact offers plenty of debuffs to help them lower the enemy's stats, so you'll stay alive. You can have them perform attacks or the Secret Crest whenever their Liberation meter fills.

Witch Troop

Rapid Venator and Theatrical Star


Your Vanguard will need most of the healing, making this pact ideal. While you can attack with them occasionally, with both classes having full damage in the Rearguard, they can handle most of the healing throughout the fight.


Magia Maid


You'll want to use this pact to keep casting Flame Dance for consistent damage. Since Magia Maid's maximize their damage through Donums, keep casting with them and guard as needed.

Other setups can work, but this one will utilize all the classes available while helping you deal damage and cover your healing. If you're missing any pacts, focus on collecting treasure chests and breaking objects in the dungeon to find more.

You should also grab the Pincer formation when possible. Place your Peer Fortress, Astral Crow, Wonder Corsair, and Shinomashira in the Vanguard position with the others in the Rearguard to maximize its effect.

Unlock Petitions

Before you begin this fight, you’ll want to unlock some Petitions to help you in battle. While you’ll need to use your RP to utilize the Petitions fully, you can spare most of them for a boss fight. Luckily, the boss is a straight line from the entrance, making it easy to reach without entering any battles beforehand. You can unlock them by going to the Witch's Petition and spending Mana on them.

  • Reinforce Offense: Use it to boost your Recon pact's damage once you want them to attack. Prioritize the Shinomashira with this buff since they deal tons of physical damage.
  • Reinforce Defense: An effective way to keep your characters alive if they're low on health. If you know you can't heal them before the Thunder Colt attacks, you can stack them with defense boosts.
  • Reinforce Tactics: You can see the enemy's upcoming moves, allowing you to plan your attacks and know when your characters will fall in the battle order.

Empower Your Equipment

You'll have alchemy before this fight, so ensure you empower your equipment with old items before the fight starts. Focus on your weapons, shields, and armor to keep yourself alive while maximizing damage. If you don't have much Mana to cover them, you should prioritize armor and shields to keep your party alive.

As for general setups, you should give your best armor to the Peer Fortress and Astral Crow since they'll take most of the damage. You should then give your best weapons to the Wonder Corsair and Shinomashira. The Magia Maid and Rapid Venator need defensive equipment while the Theatrical Star should have a balance of both.

The Fight

Once you prepare yourself, you can head straight to the fight.

The First Turn

You'll want to follow these steps as soon as the battle begins.

  • Start by using Reinforce Tactics to see the upcoming attacks. Use it again every ten turns to always have the information available.
  • Have your Peer Fortress and Astral Crow draw aggro with their Donum.
  • Let the Recon team lower the enemy's hit rate, so you won't take as many blows.
  • Have the Magia Maid deal damage or use the Secret Crest.

Prioritizing The Next Turns

Since the battle won't play out the same every round, you should follow the priority list based on what your team needs, so you'll keep everyone alive.


Prioritized Action

Second Priority

Third Priority

Peer Fortress and Astral Crow

Cast your provoke ability.

Heal your team if you need additional healing or your healers run out of DP.

Attack the boss or defend.

Recon Team

Cast Dizzy to make the Thunder Colt miss more.

Use Softening to lower the boss's defense.

Attack the boss, defend, or use your Secret Crest to stun the enemy.

Rapid Venator and Theatrical Star

Heal, especially if your characters fall under 50 percent health.

Use Enhance Attack on the Recon team to maximize their damage.

Attack the boss or defend.

Magia Maid

Use Your Secret Crest to cast spells without cost.

Cast Flame Dance to deal damage.

Use a standard attack as a last resort.

Utilizing Your Reinforce Abilities

On top of your Reinforce Tactics ability, you should use Reinforce Offense and Defense based on your team's needs.

  • Use Reinforce Offense on your Shinomashira right before they attack. Use all three stacks when possible to deal thousands of damage in a single turn. This strategy works even better if your Shinomashira has multi-hit passives.
  • Use Reinforce Defense on any character that drops to 30 percent or lower health to keep them alive if the boss attacks them. You should also have them use Fortify Coven, so they'll survive a hit.

General Tips

  • As you go through the battle, you should do what you can to keep your party members above 60 percent health. Doing so will help keep them close to max health, so the boss won't one-shot your party as long as you're at a high enough level.
  • Don't be afraid to make a separate save file and swap the difficulty to a Gentler World if you want to focus on the story. You can always return to the other save and try it again on the standard difficulty when you feel like it.
  • Create a save before you leave for the boss fight, allowing you to reload the file so you don't lose Silver or Mana.
  • If two or three of your party members go down, go all out with your offense. Since you'll likely lose otherwise, you may try to take the boss down before he defeats you.

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