Legendary Pokemon With The Highest Special Defense Stat, Ranked

Legendary Pokemon With The Highest Special Defense Stat, Ranked

It’s quite easy to get wrapped up in the magnificence of Legendary Pokemon. Their captivating, grand designs and their long rich mythology have occupied the minds of many trainers over the years, many hoping to have such a creature for themselves.

But really, let’s not forget what really makes them so great: their unrivaled power. Legendaries often have stats that no regular Pokemon can compete with, which is why they have their own category when it comes to competitive play. When it comes to Special Defense, these Pokemon have an overabundance of the stat that makes them coveted by trainers everywhere.

10 Latias

The sister of Hoenn’s Eon Duo, Latias is not just charismatic; she’s also extremely durable when it comes to Special Attacks. She has a base Special Defense of 130, alongside a 110 in both Special Attack and Speed.

Latias not only has the benefits of Mega Evolution (which increases her Special Defense to 150), but she can also hold the Soul Dew, an item made specifically for the Eon Duo that increases their Special Attack and Special Defense by 50%. The Soul Dew is so powerful that it has been banned from official tournaments and other battle organizations such as the Battle Institute. Even without any tricks or items, Latias is a force in her own right, so never underestimate her.

9 Nihilego

Nihilego was first known by the code name UB-01 Symbiont, but it’s also referred to by the Pokedex as the “Parasite Pokemon.” This is because of its ability to latch onto the heads of creatures and use its neurotoxins to manipulate their thoughts. Said toxin can cause excitement, loss of inhibitions, or even violence, depending on the host.

Being able to take over creatures and wear down their minds isn’t hard, not when you have such good stats in your corner. Nihilego’s base Special Defense is 131, making it its best stat, though Special Attack is a close second with 127.

8 Cosmoem

This starry cocoon is the middle-stage evolution of the Cosmog line, which can evolve into either Solgaleo or Lunala depending on the game it resides in. Cosmoem is a massive 2204 lbs, which makes it the heaviest Pokemon ever (tied only with Celesteela).

While absorbing energy and starlight to grow, it’s imperative that no one can interfere or harm the entity growing inside, which explains both Cosmoem’s weight and its astounding defensive stats. Both its base Defense and Special Defense are 131, making it extremely sturdy. It can’t do much with its other stats, but to be fair, battling isn’t its top priority.

7 Kyogre

Introduced in Gen III’s Hoenn games, the Sea Basin Pokemon has held up well over time in terms of stats and battling ability. Its captivating design and role in creating the world’s oceans haven’t hurt its reputation, either.

Kyogre is quite an interesting legendary Pokemon, and not just because of its Primal Reversion powers. Kyogre’s stats are actually the reversed stats of Groudon, its eternal rival. While Groudon has a 140 in Defense and 150 in Attack, Kyogre has 140 in Special Defense and 150 in Special Attack.

6 Zamazenta

Above all, Zamazenta represents protection and heroism, making it the perfect mascot for Pokemon Shield. Its base Defense and Special Defense of 145 in its Crowned Shield form is no doubt its crowning achievement as a Pokemon. It also has relatively few weaknesses and full immunity to Poison-type attacks.

Hypothetically, with proper EV training and perfect IVs, Zamazenta’s Special Defense stat can reach a maximum of 427 when it reaches level 100. That, combined with its excellent pool of moves makes it a strong and reliable team member in any situation.

5 Diancie

Diancie was first revealed in CoroCoro magazine’s March 2014 issue, and it’s had quite an acting career since then. This gem of a Pokemon is the main star of both the 17th Pokemon Movie, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, and the short that preceded it, Diancie  Princess of the Diamond Domain.

Diancie isn’t just here to look pretty, however: it can hold its own in battle, Mega Evolved or not. With a base 150 in both Defense and Special Defense, only a near-flawless Pokemon can lay a scratch on this diamond.

4 Registeel

Registeel, along with the other Legendary titans, is quite the enigma. Its body is both harder than any metal found on earth and strangely hollow. Even stranger, the metal of its body seems to grow and shrink with flexibility that puzzles Pokemon researchers to this day. All these mysteries are perhaps why it was locked underground by humans long ago, afraid of where it came from and what it could do.

Luckily, what it can do for you is be an excellent team member in battle. It has a base Defense and Special Defense of 150, which fits with its pre-established lore quite well, and ties with Probopass for the highest Special Defense stat of all Steel-type Pokemon.

3 Ho-Oh

Not only was Ho-Oh the very first Johto Pokemon revealed, but its iconic appearance in the first episode of the Pokemon Anime is remembered by fans to this day. Gracing only the most pure-hearted of trainers, Ho-Oh is said to leave rainbows behind wherever it goes.

A Pokemon that can bring creatures back to life and has shimmering wings no doubt has significant powers and abilities, ones known only to the few who have encountered it. For those lucky enough to catch Ho-Oh, they can enjoy its incredible base Special Defense of 154 in battle.

2 Lugia

Lugia’s popularity has always been substantial due to its role in Pokemon: The Movie 2000. In fact, the presence of many new and likeable Johto Pokemon was one of the series’ early instances of revealing Pokemon before they could be obtained in game. The film actually premiered in North America a mere week before the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver, no doubt trying to entice audiences into buying more of this new Pokemon experience.

Personality aside, Lugia still holds up as an excellent Pokemon to have on a team, sporting a 154 in Special Defense just like Ho-Oh. The only other stat they share is a 106 for their HP.

1 Regice

Regice remains undefeated when it comes to legendary Special Defense, seeing as it has a base stat of 200. The only Pokemon that outranks it is Shuckle, who outranks every Pokemon in defensive matters. Regice is mysterious and cryptic like the other Legendary Titans, having a body made of unmeltable ice that seems to have originated from the ice age.

If you can manage to get close enough to it and not instantly freeze, you’ll have a very dense and powerful Pokemon at your disposal. Perhaps it can refreeze the ice caps?

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