Limited Edition Halo Infinite LA Lakers Bundle Selling For $1000 On Ebay

Limited Edition Halo Infinite LA Lakers Bundle Selling For $1000 On Ebay

The recently-revealed Halo Infinite LA Laker's bundle is selling for $1000 on eBay, which is even more than some listings of the limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has been going hard with Halo Infinite tie-ins, ranging from Krispy Kreme collaborations to Pringle's, all the way to slapping Master Chief on some Rockstar energy drinks. On the higher end of the scale are the limited edition Xbox Series X and Elite controller, both of which are selling for ridiculously high prices on eBay.

Well, it looks like those two highly-sought-after items have just been beaten. As reported by Pure Xbox, Microsoft recently revealed a limited edition LA Lakers bundle, including an LA Lakers controller, Master Chief statue and, the big one, an LA Lakers jersey with Master Chief 117 on the back. The bundle doesn't even include Halo Infinite itself, but it's already going for ridiculous prices on eBay thanks to how rare it is.

The bundle was retailing for $140 and could be bought at the Staples Centre, but Microsoft warned that it would only be available in limited quantities. The writing was on the wall from that moment on, with the bundle quickly shooting up in price on eBay. A couple of the listings have the bundle up for $1000, which is more than some people are asking for the limited edition Xbox Series X.

There are a few more sensible listings that are asking for $510 and $660, but the fact that we're calling that sensible should say something. The Master Chief figure and Xbox controller are cool, but the real reason why this bundle has shot up in price is the jersey with Master Chief's name on the back.

It's a cool jersey, but is it worth almost four times the asking price? The answer's no, but we'll let you make up your own mind on that one. Seriously, don't buy a Halo-themed jersey for a grand, no matter how great Infinite is.

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