Little Hope: All Picture Locations

Little Hope: All Picture Locations

The latest horror adventure in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope, follows the same formula established back in Until Dawn, where you play a cast of characters whose fates all rest in your hands. On your first run through of the game you’ll probably be too focused on making the right choices to keep everyone alive – let alone pick up all the collectible pictures hidden in the environments. Our guide will give you a little more hope in collecting them all for the A Complete Picture Trophy or Achievement.

All Picture Locations In Little Hope

Between the three types of pictures in Little Hope, white, black, and gold framed, there are a total of 13 to collect – six white, six black, and one gold. While you can collect them all in a single run, even your first playthrough, you are also free to go back and pick up the ones you missed. The game saves upon picking up each one, so there’s no need to play through the entire chapter to make them count.

Picture One

In the No Escape Scene, play until you open a gate for Angela and Daniel and get the objectives to stay close to Daniel and follow John toward town. On the left side of the road there is a gap in the fence you can explore. Follow the dirt path to a rusted out pickup truck and search the bed for the first picture.

Picture Two

In the Playing Tricks Scene, once you exit the Black Cat Bar, hug the wooden fence to your left. Once you turn the corner you should see the shining collectible just ahead and to the left. Pick up the picture from this picnic table.

Picture Three

Next up is the picture in the Confrontation Scene. While on the road with the objectives to find help in town and stay close to the others, head forward toward the red car parked right below the streetlight. Between it and the house is a blue and yellow barrel with the third picture shining on top.

Picture Four

Moving on to the Offtrack Scene, after John explains there may be a phone or inside the building, take an immediate right. In the corner, between the building and the fence, is a set of three barrels with the next picture on top.

Picture Five

When you’re making your way through the playground in the Another Way Scene, you’ll trigger a small cutscene before going past the lamp on your left. Follow the paths past the jagged rocks, but stick to the right side to catch a glimpse of a picnic table hidden on the side with this picture on the surface.

Picture Six

While trying to find a way through the store in Another Way, and finding the door locked, get a boost from Taylor up the fire escape. Once inside, head into the hallway and take a left. Go into the storage room on your right once you reach the hole in the floor and pick up the picture off the shelf.

Picture Seven

Back on the road in The Crossing Scene, as soon as you take control of John take a left off the road onto a dirt path. It will lead to a house with a bunch of boxes on the porch. The one on the right holds this picture.

Picture Eight

After checking out the old stockades in Troubled History, you’ll be pointed toward an open door you need to walk through. Right inside is the picture on the corner of a desk.

Picture Nine

Next up is the Pursued Scene. You’ll take control of Taylor back on the road looking for everyone, but just ahead on the left is a little detour area with a few picnic tables. On the closest one is your next picture.

Picture Ten

Inside the church in the Surrounded Scene, wait until you can turn around and go back into the entryway. On your left is a little table in the corner with this picture on top.

Picture Eleven

Following the rest of the crew in the Reflections Scene now, follow along as Andrew wonders about saving their doubles. The group will stop outside a building, but before approaching take a left. You’ll pass by a sign you can inspect and towards yet another picnic table with this picture waiting for you.

Picture Twelve

Picking up as Daniel in the Ruined Scene, you’ll have the objective to investigate the large building. Go straight toward the green garage door with the light shining on it and pick up this picture off the little dresser on the left side.

Picture Thirteen

The last picture is in the Full Circle Scene. Once the scene ends after Andrew points out that you need to leave, follow the rest of the class forward, but keep your eye on the right. Before leaving the first room is a small wooden table with this last picture waiting to be collected.

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