Little Hope: All Witchcraft Secrets Guide

Little Hope: All Witchcraft Secrets Guide

Despite being a somewhat smaller title, Little Hope is anything but light on story. You probably expect a compelling choose-your-own-horror adventure based on the studio’s previous titles, and you’d be right, but they also crammed in a ton of history and lore through various collectibles. Without giving anything away, there is a ton of information to be found regarding witchcraft throughout the adventure. If you want to brush up on some arcane knowledge, and earn the Dirty Little Secrets Trophy or Achievement, our guide will show you the way.

All Witchcraft Secrets In Little Hope

You have a big job ahead in collecting all 25 witchcraft secrets, so even a dedicated collectible hunter is bound to miss a few. Luckily you can replay any chapter you need, grab the collectible, and quit out to the next if need be without worry. Here are all the witchcraft secrets in the order they appear in the story.

Book Of Paganism

Once the bus has crashed and you gain control of your character, turn back and look at the back of the bus. The book will have fallen out onto the street.

Occult Flyer

Inside the Black Cat Bar, move towards the exit in the back left, and grab this collectible off the table near the bottom of the screen.

War Photo

Right after getting the flyer, go to the far wall away from the screen and pick up this photo near the fallen stool.

Visitor’s Map

Now outside the bar, make a U turn to your left around a fence and check the standing map.


After Daniel and Taylor hop down to a building you’re supposed to investigate, take a detour far to the left and down a dark path. You’ll come to a little cabin area with a creepy altar and the next collectible on top.

Newspaper: Minister Arrested

As Daniel, have Taylor boost you up the fire escape to enter the building. Head into the call and walk all the way down to a hole in the floor. Turn into the room to the right and pick up the paper off one of the shelves inside.

Hippie Artifacts

Inside the police station, go down to the end of the building and enter the room on the left next to a vending machine. Check the box on the table for this collectible.

Vandalized Statue

Once you take control of John on the main road, walk to the right past the first house to find this broken statue outside. Make sure you look down to examine the head on the ground.

Stone Inscription

When you take control of Daniel after he and Taylor are isolated for a second time, walk ahead until you reach the area with a few picnic tables. Take a hard right and find a small path into the woods leading up to the rock with the inscription.

Lambert Writ

Once you make it to the museum, check the wall on your left to see the writ on the wall beside a door. Once again you need to look down and pick up a fallen plaque to get the collectible.

Mary’s Testimony

Now head into the room past the stockades and find the picture of a colonial woman on the left side of a corner. Look at the floor while examining it for the collectible.

Mary’s Witness Statement

In the following room take another left and look at the first picture on the wall. You need to pull off the paper to reveal it.

Courtroom Illustration

On your way to the exit, pull off another covered up picture on the left hand wall next to the window.

Old Bible

Once you are playing as Daniel inside the museum, check to your side for the bible resting on the low pew.

Tilly Johnson’s House

Once outside the museum, now controlling Taylor, go to the first house on the right side of the street. Check the plaque on the fence to pick this one up.

Commencement Day Massacre

Turn around from the plaque and go to the house across the street. There will be a plank leaning against a large rock you need to move to read this next plaque.

Execution Site

At the end of the road stop and take a left down a dirt path that circles around to a small fenced off area with another plaque to read.

Church Photo

Once you’re in the church, take a left inside the main doorway and check the bulletin board on the wall. Lift up the falling picture to check it.


On the opposite side of the entry way is a doorway. Go inside and open the drawer to pick up this note.

Little Hope Pastors

Check the sign to the right of the altar at the head of the church.

Mary’s Grave

Take a path on your left once you come to the Historic Restoration site over to a standing plaque for Mary’s Grave.

Judge Wyman’s Portrait

Playing as John in the factory, go down the stairs and take a right through a hallway. Go into the first room on your left and check the righthand wall for a picture to examine. Look down to grab the plaque.

Judge Wyman’s Letter

Still in that same room, the note is on the floor by a cabinet with some trophies in it.

Reverend Carson’s Letter

Your last collectible is in the burned down home at the very back. Look to your left to find the dining room and go to the large cabinet in the corner with the letter resting on top.

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