Logan Paul Is Being Sued Over CryptoZoo

Logan Paul Is Being Sued Over CryptoZoo

Logan Paul has been in the news recently due to his NFT game, CryptoZoo, allegedly being a scam. YouTuber Coffeezilla investigated and claims the game has conned people out of millions of dollars, and Paul originally threatened to sue him. Now, Paul is the one facing a class action lawsuit from people who have lost their money.

As reported by Dexerto, Logan Paul, along with others involved in CryptoZoo, Danielle Strobel, Jeffery Levin, Eduardo Ibanez, Crypto King (Jake Greenabum, and Ophir Bentov, are being sued, and a jury trial has been requested.

Logan Paul previously apologised to Coffeezilla and pledged to give $1.3million to "disappointed players." However, despite how generous this act may seem, Coffeezilla alleges that people lost over $7 million, and that this refund does nothing for many people who didn't buy the NFT eggs, but only bought the cryptocurrency associated with the game, Zoo coin.

Paul said in his apology video that there would be an internal investigation conducted and those responsible for the failings of CryptoZoo would be held accountable. Well, now others like AttorneyTom will be ensuring victims of the alleged scam are made whole, and Paul and co. really will be made to take responsibility.

Time and time again these crypto and NFT games that promise to make players money have been proven to be rug pulls or scams of one kind or another. Scammers have even faced jail time for their roles, so if Paul and his associates are found guilty of conning players and investors, they could be in big trouble.

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