Logan Paul’s Pet Pig Was Allegedly Abandoned

Logan Paul’s Pet Pig Was Allegedly Abandoned

YouTuber Logan Paul has been courting controversy recently over his CryptoZoo NFT game, reportedly a massive scam. He's in the news now though because a pig that looks suspiciously similar to his own pet pig was recently found injured and abandoned in a field, and people suspect it's his that he irresponsibly rehomed.

This story has been doing the rounds on TikTok and Twitter, where people are all assuming the pig belongs to Paul. A farm animal sanctuary named The Gentle Barn posted a video of the piggy to its TikTok page where it stated it used to belong to "a famous YouTuber and was irresponsibly rehomed."

The TikTok states she was left abandoned and found in a field next to a dead pig. She was scared, had mangled ears, and an infection in her uterus that has since been cured.

She bares a striking resemblance to Logan Paul's pet pig that he claimed on Twitter he was told was a mini pig. As you can see from the below picture, she was not.

The internet loves animals, and if You DOn't Fuck With Cats taught us anything, it's that you definitely don't want to mistreat animals, because people will come down on you harder for that than anything else.

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