Loop Hero Is 20% Off So You Have No Excuse Not To Get It

Loop Hero Is 20% Off So You Have No Excuse Not To Get It

Devolver Digital has unleashed a huge sale on all of its published games ranging from Minit Fun Racer to Sub Rosa. Some titles are as much as 90% off. Maybe now is the time to finally try out Genital Jousting or The Talos Principle or, if you haven’t already, maybe you can dive into one of 2021’s best games thus far – Loop Hero.

Loop Hero is currently 20% off at £9.99. In this roguelike, you pick a class – one of three – and wander around aimlessly on an empty road, fighting enemies that pop up. These battles are automated, but it’s up to you to manage your hero’s stats and gear so that you can storm through the foes blocking your way. Each time you reach the camp where you began, you get a good chunk of HP back. It’s just about surviving that long.

The draw is that when you beat an enemy, you get tiles. These can be resource-providers or new locales on your path that bring new enemies and challenges thus meaning better loot. The more tiles you place, the closer you edge toward spawning the boss back at your camp. Each loop is randomly generated, so you get a different circling path every time, and if you die, you go right back to your home base. Resources are gathered so that you might buy stations back home that can bring new benefits to your hero as well as new in-game tiles to place, although you have to sort those in a card deck that’s limited.

But, if Roguelikes aren’t your thing, Devolver Digital has plenty on sale. Serious Sam is 40% off at £18.59, while Hotline Miami is 80% off at £1.39. You can even swoop up some VR games with the arena-based fighter all about bashing skulls and cutting off limbs, with Wolverine claws to boot, Gorn, at 35% off for £9.74. There’s also the wealth of Serious Sam VR games from The First Encounter to The Last Hope.

Or, perhaps, if you’re itching for more Keanu Reeves after Cyberpunk 2077, you could give John Wick Hex a spin at 40% off for £9.29. But the biggest deal of the lot is Serious Sam’s complete pack which comes with every single game. Normally, that’s £144.17 – it’s a steep entry price – but now, it’s £37.61 at 74% off. It’s almost like Summer.

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