Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Windbringer Hills

Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Windbringer Hills

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  • Mokoko Seeds One And Two – East Of Guard Post
  • Mokoko Seeds Three And Four – East Of The Waste Facility
  • Mokoko Seeds Five And Six – Junkyard
  • Mokoko Seed Seven – East Of The Stern Portal
  • Mokoko Seeds Eight And Nine – The Secret Room

There are more than 1,200 mokoko seeds scattered around the continents of Lost Ark. Each time you’ve gathered 50, you can collect a new reward. These range from fantastic ship crew to epic rapport items and treasure maps. So, it is well worth collecting as many seeds as you can.

The Windbringer Hills area of Arthetine has nine mokokos. Seven of them are dotted around the map in relatively simple to get to locations. But two need you to play the Song of Resonance to enter a secret room. This means if you haven’t yet learnt it, you’ll need to do so before you complete the area. But we have all the details you need to find the seeds below.

Mokoko Seeds One And Two – East Of Guard Post

Head directly east from the Guard Post Triport. You’ll pass a large rock with a bright red bush next to it. Just east of the rock you’ll see some discarded machinery, and just to the north of it another larger sandstone rock. At the base of this rock, beneath some small pink flowers, is your first mokoko seed of Windbringer Hills.

From here, leave this area by the southeast path. Just past Mercenary Yona, take the left fork, and follow it northeast. You’ll find the second mokoko right in the middle of the small area you come to, once again at the base of a large yellow rock with pink plants at its base.

Mokoko Seeds Three And Four – East Of The Waste Facility

Make your way to the Waste Facility Triport and leave along the east path. At the T-junction you come to, head south as far as you can go and then make the jump southeast across the chasm. Move east hugging the north-side of the path, and you’ll see a climbing point. Head up the ropes and across the area, then down the death-slide going north. There’s a large nest in the middle of the plateau you arrive on. Walk around the nest to the northeast corner, and you’ll see a bright red plant next to some large rocks. There’s a seed hidden at the base of the plant.

Walk to the southeast corner of this plateau and walk across the beam to the next one. On the south-side of this area, climb the netting down. Just to the left of the netting at the bottom is another mokoko seed, to the right of a circular white rock.

Mokoko Seeds Five And Six – Junkyard

Head northwest from the Junkyard Triport, between Potion Merchant Rennel and Repairer Gilfrit. Walk down the slope and stick to the right of the area you arrive at. Just past a small nook on your right, you’ll see a blue-glowing computer terminal next to a sliding door. There’s a seed on the floor next to the doorway.

Go back to the Triport and this time leave by the northwest ramp. Follow the metal walkway as it continues straight ahead. When it stops, there will be a pile of cannisters in front of you on a small black platform. The next seed is on the other side of this platform, in front of some square crates.

Mokoko Seed Seven – East Of The Stern Portal

Just beyond the portal that goes to Stern is a crossroads. Take the north-eastern path from it into the large area beyond. Work across it as straight as possible, as if heading for the northeast exit. Just before you get to that path, you’ll see a broken-down tarpaulin shelter covering some crates. Next to this is a large rock. And just in front of the rock, behind a tall cactus, is the seventh mokoko seed.

Mokoko Seeds Eight And Nine – The Secret Room

You can only collect these two mokoko sees if you have learned the sheet music ‘Song of Resonance’. To get this you need to buy it from Treasure Hunter Igran, who is on the main deck of the ship on Peyto Island.

From the Totrich portal, turn right before the guard post and head west towards the temple. Go past the first small area but as you near the main temple, take the small set of steps down to the right just before you get there. Follow the path northeast and up the stairs on the other side. Near the back wall, you’ll see a large statue of a man.

You need to play the ‘Song of Resonance’ in front of the statue here. Once you do, the statue moves aside and reveals a glowing entrance. Walk into the glow to be transported to a small room which contains the final two mokoko seeds of Windbringer Hills. The room it transports you to is in a completely different part of the main map, just north of the Guard Post Triport. And when you leave the room, that’s where you will appear.

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