Lucy Dreaming: Chapter 1 Walkthrough – The Falling Nightmare

Lucy Dreaming: Chapter 1 Walkthrough – The Falling Nightmare

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  • How To Unlock Lucy's Diary
  • How To Find Dad's Amateur Psychology Book
  • How To Find A Suitable Box
  • How To Dry Lucy's Clothes
  • How To Find A Dream Companion
  • How To Fix Mr. Fumble
  • How To Assemble The Dream Box
  • How To Open The Curtain
  • How To Score 20 Points At The Standup Competition
  • How To Tackle The Falling Nightmare

The first 'chapter' of Lucy Dreaming has you confronted with a pretty nasty problem: Lucy is a young girl with a very frightful recurring nightmare. Luckily for you, there's a way to confront the nightmare and attempt to block it forever.

Unfortunately, Lucy is in an adventure game, so there are plenty of puzzles, annoying NPCs, and obstinate obstacles in her way. This guide will take you through the first leg of the game, right up until you deal with the first of Lucy's odd dreams.

How To Unlock Lucy's Diary

After witnessing the unsettling, recurring nightmare that plagues Lucy's sleep night after night, you'll be treated to a short tutorial for the game's controls. Follow the tutorial, picking up Lucy's Diary and learning how to walk around.

Unfortunately, the diary is locked – you'll need to find the key. Take the time to examine the objects in Lucy's room – there's something shiny in the treasure chest inside the fish tank on the shelves – this is the key. To get it, first pick up the Fish Food from the shelf next to the tank. Use this on Clive the piranha to distract him, and then try to pick up the treasure – it's a little Golden Key.

To unlock the Diary, use the Golden Key with it in your inventory. You'll find that it's empty, but for the rest of the game, it will track your objectives.

While you're here, pick up the two piles of Stuffing from the floor.

How To Find Dad's Amateur Psychology Book

The first objective of the game is to find Dad's psychology book – this should provide some help in solving Lucy's nightmare problems.

Leave the room to the landing. Pick up the three piles of Stuffing but ignore the other rooms for now and go downstairs. Pick up the Bog Brush from the vase on the table. Walk to the right and then into the Lounge – the Psychology Book is on the table in the middle of the room. Pick it up.

While you're here, be sure to pick up the Camouflage Lip Balm sitting on top of the magazines. It's a bit difficult to see, funnily enough.

Double-clicking quickly on a screen transition will instantly take you to your destination.

The psychology book will tell you how to combat a nightmare – you'll need to find some items:

  • A suitable box and something to decorate it with peaceful runes.
  • A dream companion.
  • A book to serve as inspiration.

How To Find A Suitable Box

The first thing you need to grab is a box, and this is easily done. Leave the lounge and enter the garage, further on the right in the hallway. On the shelves on the right, there are two boxes – pick up the smaller one.

While you are here, pick up the Rucksack on the floor. This will be filled with badges as you play through the game – these are achievements. Also, turn the washing machine off by interacting with the socket on the wall.

With the washing machine safely turned off, you can pick up Lucy's Wet Clothes and also open up the lint drawer on the bottom of the machine – you'll automatically pick up some Lint. Also, pick up the Pliers from the wall to the left of the garage door.

How To Dry Lucy's Clothes

Quite soon, you'll need to head outside, but Lucy won't go outside in her pyjamas and her clothes are wet.

Go to the lounge and use the Wet Clothes with the ceiling fan while it's off. Then, use the ceiling fan cord twice to turn it on the highest setting. After a few seconds, the clothes will be dry.

How To Find A Dream Companion

Lucy mentioned that her stuffed bear, Mr. Fumble, would be perfect. To find him, head to the upstairs landing and examine the keyhole of the door with the warning tape plastered over it.

Talk to Lloyd and exhaust his dialogue options. Then, examine the 'victim' in his vice – it's Mr. Fumble. A short conversation will give you a new objective: find and return Lloyd's gerbil. Poor thing.

While you're upstairs, head back to Lucy's bedroom for a moment. Take a look at the books on her shelves – on the top shelf is a Joke Book for plants – pick it up. As you might expect, you need to make Lucy's carnivorous plant, Geoff, laugh.

Use the Joke Book to tell Geoff some plant-based jokes – after two jokes, a key will fall out of his mouth. Don't stop there, though – keep telling Geoff jokes until Lucy says that she's out of them, and the jokes start cycling.

Pick up the Key and use it in the top drawer in the desk on the left. You'll get a roll of Duck Tape (yes, Duck Tape).

Head downstairs and into the lounge. Use the Bog Brush on the fireplace to flush out Lloyd's gerbil from its hiding spot. It'll run out of the hole in the wall and find a new hiding spot at the top of the grandfather clock in the hallway.

In the hallway, use the Duck Tape with the hole in the wall on the ground – this will stop the gerbil from escaping you. Interact with the clock and set the time to one o'clock. The gerbil will seek refuge inside one of Mum's wellies – pick it up next.

With the Angry Gerbil in hand, head back up to Lloyd's room – or the keyhole, to be exact. Talk to Lloyd until you agree to exchange the gerbil for Mr. Fumble. He won't let you in his room to perform the switch, but there's a way around that.

Use Lucy's Clothes to change into them – now you can head outside through the front door. Here, use the Angry Gerbil with the drainpipe on the far right of the house. After a short scene, Lloyd will throw Mr. Fumble out of the window – pick him up to get the Flaccid Bear.

How To Fix Mr. Fumble

If we're to use this cuddly toy as a dream companion, we'll need to fix him. Start by combining the Flaccid Bear with both the Lint and the Stuffing in your inventory.

Now we need to sew him up. Go to the hallway and walk to the left – examine the badger's head in the mirror. Lucy will comment on the dangling eye. Pick up the Badger Eye, and you'll also get some Thread.

Walk to the right and examine the fish on the wall – there's a Hook in its mouth. You can't take it out with your bare hands, so use the Pliers that you found in the garage earlier. Immediately use the Pliers with the Fish Hook in your inventory to make a Straightened Fish Hook – combine this with the Thread to make a Makeshift Sewing Kit.

Use the Makeshift Sewing Kit with Mr. Fumble to fix him.

How To Assemble The Dream Box

You now have all the ingredients for the Dream Box. First, use the Camouflage Lip Balm with the Box to decorate it with peaceful runes.

Next, go to Lucy's room and place the Dream Box on the floor next to the bed.

Now, place Mr. Fumble and the Joke Book inside the box. That's all we needed to do – now, we can hop into bed!

How To Open The Curtain

Welcome to Lucy's first dream! You can chat with Mr. Fumble if you like.

The first thing we need to do here is open the curtain. To do this, attempt to use the broken rope at the top of the stepladder. Once you've attempted this once, talk to Mr. Fumble and ask him to hang onto the rope for you.

With Mr. Fumble hanging onto the rope, use the Brake to open the curtain.

How To Score 20 Points At The Standup Competition

With the rest of the comedy club opened up, you can now talk to the barman. Exhaust his dialogue to learn more about the place – there's a comedy competition on, and getting over 20 points will net you a prize. We want this prize.

While talking to the barman, you'll get a Pinch Me Pitcher – this item will stick with you throughout every dream in the game and is used to wake Lucy up.

Once you've convinced yourself to take part in the open mic night, use the microphone. Lucy will tell jokes from the Joke Book that she used earlier – you'll have to pair the setups with the punchlines yourself, though, as follows:

Why don't carnivorous plants like wearing trousers?Because their flies keep getting stuck.
Why did the pitcher plant enjoy being on an all-fly diet?It was so easy to stick to.
Did you hear Snoop Dogg's latest song about interplanetary travel?It was a Venus Fly Rap.
Why are carnivorous plants so good at keeping secrets?They keep their traps shut.
What's a fly trap's favourite game?Snap!
Why do carnivorous plants love old adventure games.They're full of bugs.

After telling all six jokes, you'll be presented with your scores – 7, 7, and 8. Note this number.

With that score obtained, go chat to the barman again and ask for your prize: Herman the Giant Fly.

Use the Pinch Me Pitcher to wake up.

How To Tackle The Falling Nightmare

With that all done, you're ready to take on Lucy's nightmare. Once you wake up, she'll automatically pick up the Dream Box – you can do this yourself later to enter Lucy's nightmare at any point.

Use the bed again to enter the nightmare. Immediately use Herman from your inventory – one problem solved, another takes its place.

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