Mafia City Developer Is At It Again, Now Making Ads Ripping Off Popular Games

Mafia City Developer Is At It Again, Now Making Ads Ripping Off Popular Games

Yotta Games – a video game developer and publisher responsible for the Mafia City game – is at it again. Whoever does their adverts clearly has a knack for making things go viral, as the level up ads for Mafia City were a roaring success. The company's latest ad campaign for Chief Almighty parodies multiple critically acclaimed games, such as Far Cry 3, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

These knock-off ads could be considered parody by a very generous few, Cory Barlog included. The God of War director responded to a fan on Twitter who asked if they should buy the Norse epic while it was on sale. He responded, "Nah. This is better," and posted a picture of a Chief Almighty advert on Facebook that is clearly ripping off his work.

Video game senior analyst Daniel Ahmad then tweeted a list of side-by-side pictures that show Chief Almighty posing as several other iconic video game posters. Obviously, we know you can't copyright a mammoth, or a guy on a beach, or some people in a boat, so the images probably aren't technically illegal.

This continues the trend of some mobile games using fake adverts to generate interest. You know those adverts where a prince would have to get to some gold or save a princess, only the games were all match-3 affairs? Well, someone actually made that into a real app, and it's pretty fun.

I don't know what else we should have expected from the company behind the viral Mafia City ads. Those were absolutely wild, but they clearly worked, as here we are writing and reading about them still. These are much tamer in comparison, but they could rub some studios the wrong way. Fortunately, people like Barlog see them as a bit of fun.

In other news today, the latest patch for the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy has fixed the game-breaking rain, and a Forza Horizon 5 player has been banned for 8,000 years for a Kim Jong-un car.

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