Marvel Snap: 10 Best Cards For A Mr. Negative Deck

Marvel Snap: 10 Best Cards For A Mr. Negative Deck

Marvel Snap brings some of your favorite heroes and villains to the card game world, with powers and abilities based on their comic book counterparts. One of the more interesting cards in Marvel Snap is Mr. Negative, a villain who is imbued with his control over energies known as the Lightforce and Darkforce.

In Marvel Snap, Mr. Negative switches the power and cost of all the remaining cards in your deck when it is played. For most of the cards in Marvel Snap, this can be a huge downside, suddenly throwing your deck into chaos. With a carefully crafted deck, however, your high-value cards suddenly cost much less than what they started as. Let’s take a look at some of the best cards to include in your Mr. Negative deck and why.

10 Rogue

A three-energy hero, Rogue has the unique On Reveal ability to steal an opponent’s Ongoing ability and apply it to her instead. In a deck with Mr. Negative, she flips to a one-energy card with three power, a significant change. When you steal a powerful effect like Iron Man’s or Blue Marvel’s, she can help secure a victory at your location. She is dependent on your opponent having a good Ongoing effect though, so sometimes she can be a dead card in hand.

9 Angela

With changes to her stats, Angela went from a strong two-drop in Mr. Negative decks to a free one. Once hit by Mr. Negative’s charge, Angela becomes a zero-energy card with two power, that gains two more power every time you play a card at the location she’s at. While it can be a little tricky finding room to play Angela in an open location late in the game, she can gain up to a total of ten power this way.

8 Mystique

Another card that is a bit situational and requires some careful consideration before playing, Mystique is best when played after a card with another powerful Ongoing ability. When flipped with Mr. Negative, Mystique becomes a zero-energy card that copies the Ongoing ability of the card played immediately before it. If that card doesn’t have an Ongoing ability then it doesn’t copy anything unfortunately so play carefully.

Fantastic targets for Mystique include Iron Man to double the power of two different locations, or Blue Marvel to give +2 power to your whole board.

7 Iron Heart

Iron Heart is best when you can play her as a free card that boosts three other cards. With an On Reveal ability to give two power to up to three other cards on your side, she can help sneak through a win on a location that might need an extra point or two. After Mr. Negative’s ability resolves, she will cost zero energy to play, letting you hold up to the last turn and dropping her to give your side a nine-point boost across four cards.

6 Bishop

As one of the best cards to play early, Bishop is one that grows in power the more spells you play. Not tied to an Ongoing ability, Bishop’s power increase can’t be stolen or taken away, making it a great card to play at locations with limitations or other weird restrictions. Even if you play Bishop before Mr. Negative can invert your deck Bishop can grow to be an easy five or six extra power on the board. Once Mr. Negative makes your other cards cheap, the power will accumulate quickly on Bishop.

5 Blue Marvel

Granting +1 power to your entire board is a fantastic boon to grant your cards, adding anywhere from one to four additional power to each location. This power is balanced out when Blue Marvel costs five energy, but when he only costs three it can be positively game-winning.

At three energy you can drop Blue Marvel on the last turn and still have at least three energy to play other cards. As mentioned earlier, Mystique works incredibly well with Blue Marvel, and if you didn’t get a chance to invert Mystique’s card you can still cast it just fine with your spare energy.

4 Silver Surfer

Often at the head of its own deck, Silver Surfer pairs nicely with Mr. Negative since it has zero power but costs three energy to play. Flipping Silver Surfer’s stats makes him a respectable three-power card now, making his now zero cost an amazing deal. You have to be careful with your sequencing and deck building to optimize Silver Surfer. If you play it out of order you could accidentally miss hitting a few cards with its On Reveal ability.

3 Sera

The wonderful thing about Sera, when paired with Mr. Negative, is that its Ongoing effect to reduce the cost of your cards still applies after they’ve been flipped. If you have a Sera in play and a flipped Blue Marvel, it now costs only two energy to play, giving you more room to play more cards. Since Sera has also received some recent stat changes she too is reduced in cost when hit by Mr. Negative, making it the perfect card to follow up with.

2 Magik

Magik has long been one of the best cards in the game, and even after a few changes to how her card functions, she still remains extremely powerful, particularly after being charged by Mr. Negative. With her power and cost flipped, she is reduced to costing only three energy. With the right cards in play, including a potential turn three Mr. Negative thanks to cards like Psylock granting extra energy, you can play Magik on turn four or five now with its reduced cost.

1 Iron Man

Doubling the power of your location for zero energy while adding five power to it is incredibly powerful, and with Iron Man in your Mr. Negative deck, it’ll happen more likely than you’d think. With its power and cost reversed Iron Man can secure locations on its own, adding ten power to a location with just one card. And thanks to the unique nature of his Ongoing ability, cards like Shang-Chi cannot destroy it since the added power is to the location itself, and not Iron Man.

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