Marvel Snap: 10 Best Pool 3 Cards

Marvel Snap: 10 Best Pool 3 Cards

Marvel Snap is an online Card Collecting Game that includes the iconic characters from Marvel Comics. While many online card games use some method of locking certain cards behind some arbitrary wall, Marvel Snap is in a unique spot, using pools that you can access via progressing.

The card pools in Marvel Snap work in accordance with your collection level. That is to say, the higher your collection level is, which you can increase by upgrading cards and increasing their rarity, the more complex and impactful cards you can get. Currently, Pool 3 is the largest with new cards being added to the game continuously. However, despite the pool being the strongest so far, there are still some cards that outshine the others.

10/10 The Hood

The hood is a 1/-2 which seems quite bad at first glance. However, when combined with other cards like Mr. Negative, the drawbacks of this card can be bypassed to an extent. Obviously, there is a good reason for you to want to bypass the negative as the upside is quite impactful.

The Hood, on reveal, adds a Demon card to your hand, which is a 1/6, making it one of the higher-value cards in terms of power per cost. When combined with other cards that allow for multiple uses of effects, such as Moon Girl, The Hood can become quite powerful. Unfortunately, its situational nature keeps it from being higher up.

9/10 Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom, a fan-favorite villain is among the best of the best. While almost all of the six-cost cards in the game are quite powerful, they're not created equally. One of the better ones is Dr. Doom by far, although he has only five strength, which is kind of weak for a 6-cost card — the supposed boss of your deck.

Where Dr. Doom truly shines is in his ability. It allows you to summon two Doombots, one to each other location. That means you get three 5-power cards for the price of one. That is quite nice since most of the boss monsters only affect their location. However, thanks to Dr. Doom's ability, you get to buff all of the locations at the same time in a final push to win the game.

8/10 Death

This is one of the most interesting cards in the game. It has a cost of nine, which is the highest of any card in Marvel Snap. It seems impossible to summon, as the matches usually last only six turns. Luckily, its ability makes the cost gets cut down by one for each card destroyed throughout the game.

While destruction may seem like a rare occurrence to newer players, once you get to the higher levels, there are dedicated decks that want their cards to get destroyed. This sort of dedicated destruction deck allows Death to basically be a low-price power play, sitting at 12 power, summonable as early as turn four or five. This means you can even include another 6-cost card in your deck as a follow-up.

7/10 Hell Cow

Hell Cow is a funny-looking card introduced in Pool 3 as well. Despite its looks, Hell Cow is considered one of the most powerful cards available in the game so far. With its ability on reveal, you can discard two cards from your hand, which may seem like a detriment at first, but it's an absolute powerhouse in the right deck.

Discarding cards is an actual strategy utilized by focused decks that want their cards to be discarded. Some of the better cards to include in such a deck are Hela, Apocalypse, and Ghost Rider. Hell Cow has six power, which is also more than decent for a card with the cost of 2, allowing you to add some power to the location that might need an extra push.

6/10 Lockjaw

Games like Marvel Snap try to balance the game with the costs for cards. Usually, the higher the cost, the more powerful the card is. With that being the case, cards that allow you to cheat out higher costs are extremely valuable and could affect the outcome of the match significantly.

Lockjaw is one such card, available in Marvel Snap's Pool 3. Whenever you play a card on Lockjaw's location, it swaps itself out for a random card from your deck. This means that if you have a good pool of low-cost monsters, you could potentially play all three on Lockjaw's location, swapping them out for more powerful and effective cards — practically cheating for big cards that you did not pay for.

5/10 Magik

Marvel Snap is a game where you have to adapt your playstyle and be prepared to change your game plan at a short moment's notice. That is largely due to the three locations that are revealed throughout the game and interact with the mechanics in some way. Few characters have an effect on the location in Marvel Snap.

On reveal, Magic will turn the current location it's in into Limbo, which is a location that extends the match to turn seven, adding a turn to the usual 6-turn dynamic. Throwing a curveball at your opponent and giving them a turn seven that they may not be prepared for can be incredibly powerful, and with the right deck, it could give you the last say in a match.

4/10 Wong

Wong has captured the hearts of many fans throughout the world thanks to his prominent role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luckily for the beloved character, he is also quite powerful and impactful in Marvel Snap, becoming one of the best cards.

Wong has an ongoing ability that allows, on reveal, effects at his location to happen twice. This card turns some middle-of-the-road cards into extreme powerhouses giving you buffs and extra advantages for the cost of one. Some cards to combine with Wong are White Tiger, Black Panther, and Black Bolt.

3/10 Mister Negative

Mr. Negative is a very interesting card that has a cost of four and a power of minus one. His ability, on reveal, allows you to change the cost and power of all cards in your deck. It goes without saying that this completely changes the way your deck operates.

Obviously, a player that uses Mr. Negative needs to fill their deck with high-cost, low-power cards. Some of the best cards to include in such a strategy are Surtur, Mephisto, and Iron Man, which all become even more powerful thanks to Mr. Negative's ability to turn them into zero-cost hard hitters.

2/10 Wave

Speaking of manipulating card costs, we have Wave, which has been considered one of the strongest cards in the game by the more competitive player base. This is due to its on reveal ability, which sets the cost of all cards in your hand to four during the next turn.

As aforementioned, manipulating card costs is incredibly impactful in a game that's balanced around a progressive power spike throughout a match. Wave allows you to make plays in the latter half of the match that you normally couldn't, which is incredibly valuable, giving you access to high-strength, high-cost cards on your turn five. This also can be followed up with even bigger plays on turn six.

1/10 Sera

Staying on the theme of manipulating card costs, Sera is another extremely powerful card in Pool 3. It is a 5/5 which is decent in and of itself. This card also has the ongoing ability to lower the prices of the cards in your hand by one. With this ability, you can make some plays on the sixth turn that you normally would not be able to.

This kind of play could include playing a 6-cost boss card for the price of five and some additional cards to potentially flip a location from your opponent's control to yours. It could also potentially let you play several low-cost cards for even lower, letting you flood the field to overwhelm your opponent without notice.

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