Marvel Snap Devs "Working As Quickly As Possible" To Nerf Leader

Marvel Snap Devs "Working As Quickly As Possible" To Nerf Leader

One of the best things about Marvel Snap is that it's made by a relatively small team able to implement changes rapidly. The developers have shown they're listening to player feedback and responding to it quickly, and it's helping ensure people are pushed away due to little annoyances. One such coming change is a nerf to Leader that Ben Brode, the game's chief development officer, said the team is "working as quickly as possible."

Leader is the most hated card in the game, according to a recent poll on ResetEra. The 6-cost 4-power card copies every card your opponent played this turn but on your side. When played against you, your final turn win condition is quickly used against you, and his 4-power is often enough to tip the scales just enough to see him able to eek out a win that feels thoroughly undeserved.

Brode and the rest of the team have been good at keeping people updated ahead of the updates via tweets and YouTube videos. It seems that there was a leak going around that Leader's nerf was just his power being dropped by one, which isn't much of a nerf considering how much he's dominating the meta.

Brode wrote that this is just a temporary solution, "We are taking a bit of power away from him for now, and exploring further changes to the card in the future." That means, "we are determining exactly which change to make." So fear not, he will be further nerfed, they're just thinking of the best way to do it.

As one person replied, "Balancing Leader but keeping his identity is hard. Too low a power and Mr neg loves him." If he's nerfed to 1-power, any Mister Negative deck can run a 1-cost 6-power Leader, making him even more deadly, and no one wants that.

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