Marvel’s Avengers: House Call Collectibles Guide

Marvel’s Avengers: House Call Collectibles Guide

Kamala and Bruce have finally tracked down Tony Stark to his mansion in Marvel’s Avengers House Call mission. If you were thinking there’d be a lot of loot and collectibles to find in and around Iron Man’s house, you’d be right. Here’s a guide so you can grab it all.

If you’re going to reassemble the team in Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll need Tony Stark, which is why you and Bruce have made your way to his old mansion in the mission House Call. The place is a wreck, but there’s more than just rubble and trash scattered around. Just like the other missions, there’s plenty of chests to plunder, plus more additions to your intelligence and comic collections. Check out how to find them all.

All Collectibles In House Call

This mission is a little light on intelligence and comics, only having one of each, but packed with nine chests. Remember to grab each chest because their loot is random and might contain additional comics or intelligence you need.

Hardened Chest 1/9

Right at the start of the mission follow the road forward until you see a broken gate on the left. Go through here and up a dirt slope to get your first chest next to a lamp.

Hardened Chest 2/9

Get pack on the main path from the previous chest and leap across the gap to the left of where Bruce is standing. Grapple swing across another pit and run right up to your next chest.

Hardened Chest 3/9

Once you’re on the cliff overlooking the raised drawbridge, turn around and follow the path upward to your right. Jump and grapple the white ledge to find this chest near the edge of the cliff.

Hardened Chest 4/9

After lowering the drawbridge run up toward the open garage door but cut left before entering. You’ll spot a white rock across the gap you can jump and grapple up to. Bruce will remark that there’s “probably nothing over there,” but ignore him and open the chest next to the solar panel.

Golden Acres Intelligence 1/3

Once you’re in control of a somewhat shaggy Tony Stark, walk straight forward down the hall and grab the only bit of intelligence for this mission on the wooden shelf.

Black Widow Comic

Head into the room to the left of where you picked up the intelligence and head to the back right of the room. The comic is resting on a table in the back right corner of the room.

Hardened Chest 5/9

Once you’ve equipped yourselves with your gloves, head through the broken wall in the back left of the room, turn left and blast open another wall to open a small room with a chest for you to pop open around the left side.

Hardened Chest 6/9

From the last chest, make your way downstairs and blow a hole through the wall to the left. Break the glowing box on your left that hides a treasure chest behind it.

Hardened Chest 7/9

On your way out of the previous room, keep an eye on the left side of the hall to snag this chest sitting beside some machinery.

Hardened Chest 8/9

You’ll be able to get your last chest after the game reminds you how to fly and you take out a couple flying drones. Land on the second floor and follow the path all the way to the right for your last bit of loot in this mission.

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