Marvel's Iron Man VR PS4 Demo Is Out Now

Marvel's Iron Man VR PS4 Demo Is Out Now

It missed its initial May release date, but a demo for Marvel’s Iron Man VR is now available for download on PSN. The demo lets you sample a handful of the full game’s missions, including an introductory sequence at Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion and an advanced combat scenario when you feel comfortable with your hand-mounted repulsors.

The demo includes five missions, including a tutorial. Here’s the full list of what to expect:

  • “Malibu” tutorial mission
  • Interactive Stark Jet cinematic starring Tony, Friday & Pepper Potts
  • “Out of the Blue” Stark Jet gameplay mission
  • Flight Challenge optional mission
  • Advanced Combat Challenge optional mission

Iron Man VR’s movement is controlled using the two Move controllers compatible with PSVR. You can angle them individually to nimbly move through the air and attack foes. Iron Man VR also has multiple suits for you to choose from, abilities to unlock, and additional weapons to use as you progress through the game. By downloading the demo, you’ll get access to the Molten Lava Armor Deco when the full game launches on July 3.

Launching alongside the game is a new Iron Man PSVR bundle. It includes Iron Man VR, a PSVR headset, a PlayStation Camera, and two Move controllers–all the essentials you need to play. Check out our pre-order guide for more details on additional pre-order bonuses.

Like The Last of Us Part II, Iron Man VR was originally meant to launch in May before being delayed to July. The Last of Us Part II was similarly delayed, and is now launching on June 19. Ghost of Tsushima, the latest new IP from Infamous developer Sucker Punch, launches on July 17.

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