Mass Effect 2 – Omega: Struggling Quarian Walkthrough

Mass Effect 2 – Omega: Struggling Quarian Walkthrough

Tali is the only Quarian to appear in the first Mass Effect game. Thankfully, though, some additional ones feature in the second title, which helps you learn more about the species. For instance, you find out that a Quarian Pilgrimage can be very difficult, as shown by Kenn during the Struggling Quarian mission.

You can find the poor, young mechanic running a store on Omega, which doesn't sound too bad, but business isn't good. His problems are caused by a fellow salvage trader, who is giving him a hard time. Here is everything you can do to help him out.

Speak With Kenn

To trigger the quest, you need to find Kenn on Omega, working in his store. The place is located on the eastern side of the station's map, near the Omega markets. Speak to him and ask for a deal using either the Charm or Intimidate dialog options.

At this point, he will mention Harrot and give you the discount. Continue the conversation to make him explain the whole situation. The main takeaway is that Harrot is forcing him to make his items too pricy so that people shop at Harrot's store instead. Therefore, Kenn can't afford to pay for a ticket off of the station.

Resolve Kenn's Issue

It's a difficult situation for poor Kenn, but there are multiple ways you can lend a hand. Here's each one:

Give Him The Credits He Needs

The simplest option is to pay the Quarian 1000 credits as that's all he needs to leave the station. To do so, bring up that you could pay his way, then select the "give him 1000 credits" option. He's understandably happy about the gesture, and he leaves to travel far away from Omega. This moment serves as the mission's conclusion.

It may be the easiest solution, yet it's also the only one where you lose money. You do gain some Paragon points, though.

Convince Harrot To Leave Him Alone (Paragon Points Required)

If you want to convince Harrot to back off, tell Kenn that you'll talk to him. Then head upstairs to the main part of the Omega Markets and look for Harrot's Emporium. The store is easy to identify because it's run by an Elcor (Harrot). Engage the large alien in conversation and say, "let's talk about the Quarian."

He informs you that it's none of your business, and you need to respond by telling him to "leave the Quarian alone," which is a charm dialog option. The Elcor will respond with fear and agree to allow Kenn to set his own prices. He will also give you a discount at his Emporium.

Now, return to the Quarian to inform him of the good news and gain some Paragon points as the quest comes to a close.

Get Harrot To Buy Him Out (Renegade Points Required)

For this one, tell Kenn that you'll talk to Harrot. Afterward, speak to the Elcor in his store in the Omega Markets area. Bring up the Quarian in conversation and then suggest shutting the Quarian down. Harrot likes the idea as it gives him the chance to expand.

Your price for the clever proposal is a discount at both the Emporium and Kenn's Salvage. You also gain a few Renegade points.

As for the Quarian, he's already gone after the conversation with Harrot ends. He seemingly took the money from the sale of his store and bought a ticket to leave. You can also get out of there since the mission is over.

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