Midnight Fight Express: Where To Find All Eight Drinks In Mission 30

Midnight Fight Express: Where To Find All Eight Drinks In Mission 30

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If you're looking to 100 percent Midnight Fight Express, you will have many things to do at your disposal once you have finished your first playthrough. From completing all forty missions' challenges to obtaining an S Rank on all of them to trying to unlock every achievement, you will undoubtedly be busy if you want to see everything the game offers.

Most of the challenges are straightforward to follow and execute, but some can break the mold a bit, which is what we see here when being tasked to find and consume all eight Drinks spread across the game's 30th Mission, Night Club. While the Drinks themselves aren't hidden too much, there are several other drinks you cannot consume sprinkled throughout the stage, making the ones you're looking for blend in a bit more than we'd like. To help you grab your drinks and get your groove on, we found all of them and have their location down below.

Before getting your Drink on, be sure you have cleared Mission 30 – Night Club at least once before moving onward. For challenges to activate in Midnight Fight Express, you must first complete the mission and revisit it to tackle them!

Drink #1 Location

The first Drink is easy to find and is located at the very start of the mission. To obtain it as quickly as possible, as soon as you can move around in the stage, move forward a little bit until you see a table to the left with a vacant blue couch against the wall. Your Drink is located at the corner of the table, simply move up to it and interact with it to consume it!

You will alert a few security guards if you move too far forward. If this happens, eliminate them, and then collect your Drink for a refreshing victory celebration.

Drink #2 Location

After consuming the first Drink, head into the next area where you will meet and fight Club Ravers for the first time. The game will automatically have you step onto the dancefloor and brawl them, so take care of them before looking for your Drinks.

Once you have dealt with the Club Ravers and Bouncers, head backward rather than progress forward with the mission. To make this process much easier, make your way back towards the door that brought you into this area. Once there, turn around and face the dancefloor. From there, head left until you find a booth in the corner of the room. Your Drink will be on the purple table of the booth.

Drink #3 Location

The third Drink is in the same room as the second, which we will try to make a bit easier to find. With the second Drink downed, head back onto the dancefloor. Whenever you're here, take the righthand exit, then go up until you reach a little corner next to the staircase. Your Drink will be on a purple table next to the steps.

Drink #4 Location

With the third Drink consumed, follow the progress marker upstairs. Once here, fight off the waves of enemies until you see some pop out of the bathroom. After eliminating these enemies, look for a table directly in front of the bathroom wall. The fourth Drink will be on this table.

Drink #5 Location

Before moving any further, remember that bathroom you saw enemies run out from? Well, we have some unfortunate news for you. That's where your fifth Drink is. To find it, walk into the bathroom and head over to the row of sinks set up between the stalls. You will find the Drink on the sink to the far right.

Drink #6 Location

After consuming your bathroom Drink, follow the markers and head into the next area. Once here, you will have to fight several enemies. This is the section just before you jump down onto another dancefloor to fight more Club Ravers. After clearing this area out, make your way over to the curved bar and follow it all the way around to the right side to find your sixth Drink!

Drink #7 Location

Drink seven is found in the same room as the sixth one and is located on a table just before the railing you leap over to get onto the dancefloor. This one can be tough to see, so just look for three green lights, furniture, and two tables. Your Drink will be located on the edge of the second table, the one closest to the railing.

Drink #8 Location

After choking down the seventh Drink, it's time to leap over the railing and onto the dancefloor to fight even more Club Ravers and Bouncers. After eliminating them, progress forward until you climb up to where the DJ is. Your eighth and final Drink will be found directly beside the DJ, on top of their command center!

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