Minecraft Developer Listens To Amnesia Soundtrack For Inspiration On The Deep Dark

Minecraft Developer Listens To Amnesia Soundtrack For Inspiration On The Deep Dark

Kingbdogz (as he’s known online) is a Minecraft modder turned developer, who is now working on the 1.17 update for Minecraft. That update is set to come out this summer, and while many people will be surrounded by happiness and bright colors, Kingbdogz is on a mission to bring horror to your summer activities—almost literally. In a tweet on February 4, the developer said that he listens to the Amnesia soundtrack for inspiration on The Deep Dark.

During the Minecraft Live event last summer, Kingbdogz said that one of his goals was to make Minecraft scary again. If you have never played Minecraft, the word “scary” may not be the first thing that comes to mind for the colorful blocky world. If you have played, however, you will probably never forget the terror of your first night in the game. That feeling, specifically, is what Kingbdogz is trying to resurrect with his project, dubbed “The Deep Dark”.

In case there was any doubt that the caves and cliffs update was going to be all cute axolotls and glow squid, Kingbdogz is here to remind us that caves aren’t always lush and pretty. On Twitter, the developer shared a song that he said inspires him when he is working on things in The Deep Dark—Basement Storage from the survival-horror game, Amnesia.

This revelation comes after the developer shared some of the new sounds that you will hear in Minecraft when the 1.17 update comes out. Comparing the soundtrack of Amnesia to the sounds of the Deep Dark, the connection is unmistakable. In the same vein, Minecraft’s new terrifying boss mob, the Warden, (which isn’t actually a boss) can be found skulking around in the Deep Dark—as well as the new sculk sensors which will warn the Warden of your presence.

With all this combined, it is looking like The Deep Dark isn’t for the faint of heart. Given that the Warden was able to take down one of the developers in three hits—while the developer was wearing netherite armor—experienced players are going to face as much of a challenge as new players will.

The 1.17 update for Minecraft is slated to come out this summer.

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