Minecraft Dungeons: How To Unlock Every Secret Level

Minecraft Dungeons: How To Unlock Every Secret Level

Many of the levels in Minecraft Dungeons have unlockable secret levels. To unlock these secret missions, you must find maps whilst playing through the game.

Although the levels in Minecraft Dungeons are randomized, there are still some tips you should bear in mind if you want to find these levels as quickly as possible. Here’s how to unlock every secret level in Minecraft Dungeons.

How To Unlock Creepy Crypt

Creepy Crypt can be found whilst exploring Creeper Woods, which is the first main level in Minecraft Dungeons after Squid Coast. The entrance to the Crypt is randomized each time you play, but here’s what you should look for.

Whilst exploring the woods, you might stumble across a sealed door with a button. Interact with the button and the door will open up, revealing a new area on the map. Head inside to find the map for Creepy Crypt on a pedestal.

How To Unlock Soggy Cave

During the level Soggy Swamp, players are able to discover Soggy Cave, which is another secret level. The entrance is randomized for this level too, just like Creepy Crypt is in Creeper Woods.

Whilst adventuring through the Soggy Swamp, you need to be on the lookout for a mossy cobblestone temple hidden off the main path to the objective. Once you have found the temple, head inside and the Soggy Cave map will be sat on top of a pedestal. Pick it up to unlock the secret level.

How To Unlock Arch Haven

Arch Haven is a secret level hidden within Pumpkin Pastures. Its location is also randomized, but it is much easier to spot thanks to the entrance being found on a large ship.

As you explore Pumpkin Pastures, keep an eye out for a large ship. A few will spawn during the level, one of which could have the entrance to a room containing the Arch Haven map.

This ship could spawn in a variety of places throughout the level. Interestingly, it is possible for the ship to spawn along the main path whilst following objectives. Regardless, make sure you explore every nook and cranny of Pumpkin Pastures if you are struggling to find it.

How To Unlock Lower Temple

Despite being included in guides for the original launch of Minecraft Dungeons and being referenced in its files, Lower Temple was cut from the main game before release. However, when Mojang released the first paid expansion for the game, it also released a free update that included the Lower Temple level for all players.

To find the Lower Temple map, you must explore the Desert Temple level. When you reach the section after using the Golden Key, continue on whilst looking around the edges of the map. You should find a door leading to another area.

Enter the door to find the map for Lower Temple. However, you can’t just grab it immediately. First, you must activate three beacons around this area. Once all three have been activated, a bridge will form that allows you to take the map for Lower Temple, unlocking the secret level.

How To Unlock Underhalls

Underhalls is one of the easier secret levels to find, but it spawns in Highblock Halls, which is a harder level towards the end of the game.

When you first start Highblock Halls, go forward until you find that the path splits into sets of large stairs on either side. Go down the stairs and look between them. You may find a sealed wall with a shield on either side. Interact with one of the shields to unlock a hidden passageway. Go inside to find the map to the Underhalls, unlocking the secret level.

How To Unlock The Secret Cow Level

The final secret level in Minecraft Dungeons can only be unlocked once you have defeated the Arch-Illager on Default difficulty. After completing the game, you will be able to find Runes in each of the nine main levels.

Once you have found all the Runes, you can take them to a Church in your Camp to unlock the secret cow level.

General Tips For Finding Secret Levels

When hunting for any of the secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons, there are some general tips that you should keep in mind.

Keep Your Map On Screen

Whilst hunting around each level trying to find the secret map, keep your map up on the screen at all times. Although you cannot move if you bring up the big map, there is a general sketched outline that you can overlay on the screen whilst moving.

This might clutter up the screen a bit, but you will be able to see every hidden path as you explore. It will also mark any doors that you might have missed.

Check How Many Secrets Have Spawned

Hold down the map button to bring up the proper map, which will prevent you from moving. This map has another benefit: you can see how many secrets have spawned on the level.

Secrets in Minecraft Dungeons include different kinds of chests, such as Obsidian or Golden, and the secret levels that you are hunting for. When you bring up the big map, look in the bottom left corner to see a total of secrets that have spawned in after loading up a level. It will show the total you have found so far on this run as well as the number of secrets that have spawned.

This gives you the opportunity to see whether the secret level could have spawned in. If it displays 0/0, you can be certain that you won’t find the secret level. In this scenario, return to camp and restart the mission to try again. Likewise, if it shows 0/5 then you can be confident that you might find the secret level.

Explore Every Corner Of Each Level

With the sketched map up on the screen, explore every corner and path that doesn’t lead to the main objective. This is where you are most likely to unlock the secret levels, as they usually spawn away from the main path. This makes them harder to find unless you are actively searching for them.

Return To Camp

After you have found the secret level, don’t waste time finishing your mission. Hit pause and return to your camp. The secret level will still be unlocked, regardless of whether you finish the associated level or not. After searching Creeper Woods over and over, don’t force yourself to finish it again. Head back to camp and jump straight into the exciting secret level that you’ve just unlocked.

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