Minecraft Dungeons Is Getting Cloud Save Support

Minecraft Dungeons Is Getting Cloud Save Support

Mojang has announced that Minecraft Dungeons will be getting support for Cloud Saves on May 5.

The feature was announced through the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account which said, “Whether you want to play on the big screen, a handheld device or your trusty old laptop; the adventure doesn’t have to stop! On May 5, Cloud Saves are coming to Dungeons, meaning you’ll be able to pick up and play your save game on any supported platform”.

What this means is that players can upload their Minecraft Dungeons save data to the cloud, and then download it from any other device. Before this, you’d have to restart the game if you swapped consoles, but now you can transfer the data through the cloud and keep it going no matter what system you play.

If you started the game on Xbox Game Pass and then found out you really like it, you can now feasibly buy it on another console like the Switch and carry your progress over. All you need to do is sign in through the same account and have your data saved to the cloud.

Minecraft Dungeons has seen a fair amount of new content since it initially launched, with DLC packs like the Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks and, most recently, the Flames of the Nether level pack. Each one has added new locations and missions to the game.

Beyond DLC, Mojang has also been supporting and optimising the game through plenty of free updates. The Cloud Saves update is the newest, but the game has seen Xbox Series X optimisation updates and even has crossplay across consoles. It’s safe to say if you tried it when it first launched, it’s a pretty different game now.

Minecraft’s upcoming Caves and Cliffs update was recently split into two parts due to its size, with the first half coming this summer and the second half that makes changes to world generation coming later in 2021. If you can’t wait for that, this fan-made update changes how rivers and waterfalls work in the game.

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