Minecraft: How To Build Perfect Circle Structures

Minecraft: How To Build Perfect Circle Structures

Building with blocks isn’t always simple in Minecraft. It actually introduces quite a few limitations to the shapes that players can create in both survival mode and creative mode. However, with a bit of practice and with good knowledge of the blocks and their placement, almost any shape can be achieved, even a circle which is a rarity in an otherwise cubic world.

The circle is a popular choice for a lot of builders. It can make for impressive pixel art, houses or just to make mysterious, large spherical bases underwater or in the sky. Whatever the purpose might be, building a circle from scratch for the very first time is not easy, and requires a bit of planning ahead of time. Here’s where to get started with your circle build.

Step One: Find Or Generate A Blueprint To Follow

If this is your first time building a sphere, it’s absolutely necessary to get a blueprint and use that as a reference photo. There are tons of different blueprints online that you can use, and they don’t necessarily have to be meant for Minecraft. Any blueprints for pixel art, for example, will also work.

Most circle blueprints come in several sizes. Pay attention to that, especially if you plan on living inside your circle structure and building a dome-shaped ceiling. A big diameter will make for a more impressive build, requiring more materials to complete, so make sure you’re prepared with your building blocks of choice if you’re in survival. Moreover, bigger spheres will have a more “complete” sphere appearance than smaller ones.

For More Flexibility – Use A Pixel Generator

Alternatively, you can also use a custom generator to create the perfect size circle, oval, or other shape for your build. There are tons of different kinds of generators out there that are fantastic for this, but for simple shapes alone, the Donat Studios generator seems like the best. The generator has some great additional options that allow you to customize the type of shape you want.

You can adjust the scale, determine the width and height from scratch, as well as choose whether you’d like thin or thick outlines, or even a fully filled out circle. Once you’re happy with your shape, the generator allows you to save it as a PNG picture as well, so you can make several shapes, save them and then build them by following the pattern in Minecraft.

Step Two: Start Off With The Outline

Let’s build a simple 12 by 12 perfect circle to illustrate the process. The blueprint was made with Donat’s generator, which also calculates the number of blocks needed to complete the build. In this case, it’s 32 blocks. However, more blocks are needed if you want to add a ceiling or a dome above the build.

First, complete the outline as instructed by the blueprints. Using cheap blocks that are easy to mine before placing down your final blocks is a good idea. This is especially important if you’re building in survival mode and plan on using a sensitive material like glass that requires Silk Touch to retrieve if misplaced.

Once you’re done and are sure it looks correct, you can replace the temporary blocks with whatever you prefer. It’s up to you what you want to do with your circle from here on.

You can build straight up to make a circular tower, for example, but if you’re looking to make a full on sphere or even a half-sphere dome, the next step is important.

Step Three: Repeat The Outline Vertically

You’ve created the circle outline horizontally, but in order to make a perfect sphere, you also need the same shape created vertically across the middle of the circle you just made.

If you just need a half-sphere, you only need to recreate half of the blueprint’s shape vertically, twice, and across.

To make a full sphere, you’ll probably need your first circle to be suspended in the air. This can be a bit tough to do in survival, but bamboo scaffolding is your best friend.

Step Four: Fill In The Blanks

Now that you have the general blueprint down, both horizontally and vertically, it’s time to fill in the blanks. Pay attention to both the vertical and horizontal blocks, in order to achieve the perfect width and height.

It’s easy to mess up the height by not following how many blocks high the next layer of the outline is, so try to consider that when filling in the circle structure. Once again we advise using temporary blocks to check the look before you convert it to its final form.

Once you’re happy, do any conversion before sitting back to admire your sphere.

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