Minecraft: How To Make Candles

Minecraft: How To Make Candles

In the new 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, Minecraft introduced a brand-new cool and aesthetically pleasing light source. While players already have torches and lanterns to decorate their builds with, candles were a missing feature for a long time. Now, thanks to the sea pickle design, candles are a real part of the game.

Their appearance and placement is quite similar to the already existing sea pickles. You can place multiples candles on the same block, which consequently will increase the light level they emit. You can place up to four candles in one block, and some of them will appear taller or shorter as well. Here’s how you can craft your own candles, dye them and use them.

Crafting Ingredients For Candles In 1.17

Candles have an incredibly easy crafting recipe, and they’re not very expensive to make. However, you will need to find yourself a beehive if you plan on making multiple candles.

  • 1 x String
  • 1 x Honeycomb

How To Get Honeycomb

To get honeycomb for the recipe, you need to find a beehive. The best place to start looking is usually a forest biome with tons of flowers around. Flowers and trees where beehives can spawn on are the two major requirements. If you happen to be near a flower forest biome, head over there as it’s the ideal place for tons of bees and beehives to spawn.

Find a beehive that’s completely full. You might have to wait for several days nearby for the bees to have filled up the hive. Then, build a campfire underneath the hive and use your shears on the hive itself. This will drop honeycomb for you, and the campfire will prevent the bees from getting aggressive and attacking you.

If you want to relocate a hive you’ll need to wait until you’ve seen bees go inside then mine it using a silk touch pickaxe.

How To Find String

String is the easier item to get for this recipe. There are several common places where you can find some. You could find a spider and kill it, which usually drops a spider eye and some string if you’re lucky.

Alternatively, finding an abandoned mineshaft and mining out the cobwebs which are usually plentiful there with a sword will give you string.

Chests in dungeons and desert temples also have a chance of spawning a few pieces of string inside their loot chests, so if you come across one make sure to check.

How To Craft Candles

The crafting recipe for candles doesn’t require a three by three crafting grid, since you only need two squares for the candle.

Place the string directly above the honeycomb vertically, and you’ll receive one default colored candle.

How To Make Dyed Candles

All candles will initially have a natural, yellowish-white color. If you want your candles to be colored, you need to gather some dyes and combine your candles with them.

Any dye in the game can be used.

For a full guide on where to find all the dyes in the game, check out our wool dying guide here, which is the same principle.

How To Light And Blow Out Candles

Once you have your candles, you’ll want to place them down and light them. You can place up to four candles on one block. After that, just use a flint and steel to light them up. Fire charges and any arrows shot from a bow with the Flame enchantment also work if you don’t have a flint and steel for some reason.

Candles can be blown out by interacting with them by right-clicking on them, or by pouring water on them, as if to extinguish a source of fire.

How To Use A Candle On A Cake

A single candle can also be placed on a cake. Just make sure that the cake is full and hasn’t been eaten from.

Right-click on the cake with a candle to place it down and then use the same methods detailed above to light it. Once the cake is broken or completely eaten the candle will drop automatically.

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