Minecraft Player Finds 20 Vein Of Diamonds, Sparks Debate About World Record

Minecraft Player Finds 20 Vein Of Diamonds, Sparks Debate About World Record

Diamonds are rare. That’s the story we get in the real world, where it turns out that diamonds aren’t actually all that rare and they’re just being hoarded by a certain corporate entity that we won’t name here. They’re also rare in Minecraft, where it’s often a windfall to find a vein of diamond five blocks long.

Reddit user BusinessCactus2, however, found a vein that was 20 blocks total. That’s an enormous quantity of diamonds for any Minecraft player to find all at once, and BusinessCactus2 confirmed that this wasn’t because of two veins appearing on the same chunk. In Minecraft, worlds are created with 16×16 “chunks,” with random elements procedurally generated throughout each. It’s therefore possible to find massive diamond veins where these chunks meet, although even that isn’t particularly common.

With all those diamonds in one spot, BusinessCactus2 asked Reddit if this represented a world record. Most Redditors agreed that this is a lot of diamonds, but there was unfortunately no consensus on whether this is the most anyone’s ever seen. Several replies noted 21 or even 22 diamonds in their seeds, while one Redditor said that the maximum number anyone has ever found is 34–a recent record set on January 2. Unfortunately, no source for this claim was provided.

If you want to check out this massive diamond vein, BusinessCactus2 provided the location. Check out seed: 4384315514734985399, coordinates: -1347 -14 1162.

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