Misty And Brock Will Return To Pokemon Before Ash Leaves The Series

Misty And Brock Will Return To Pokemon Before Ash Leaves The Series

The long running animated series Pokemon is currently set to conclude its 25 year long storyline with three episodes featuring the return of popular characters Misty and Brock, at least according to certain sources. These will be running on television towards the middle of February in Japan.

The news comes from the publication Famitsu which reported earlier this week about the whole matter. According to this particular source, the penultimate episode airing on February 20 will follow Ash and Misty as the pair compete to catch a wild Clauncher. The final episode in the series which airs on February 27 is going to see Brock being kidnapped by a wild Hatterene.

The opening theme for the final episodes will apparently be a remake of the fan favorite opening theme from 1997. Pokemon has frequently featured Brock and Misty, but over the course of time, the pair were slowly pushed aside by other characters, appearing only in the occasional cameo. Ash and Pikachu on the other hand have appeared in almost 1,300 episodes.

The Pokemon Company recently described the long road followed by Ash to become a Pokemon League Champion as being a means of showing young people that failure is a perfectly normal aspect of life and that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. Ash has of course been pursuing this goal for the entire length of the show.

This comes in the wake of news that a couple of thieves have stolen more than $11,000 worth of Pokemon cards from a store in Tokyo, Japan. According to the publication Fuji News Network, a pair of people wearing masks entered Fukufuku Trading Cards in the neighborhood of Ikebukuro by scaling an outside wall, entering the building through a door on the second story. The two spent several minutes breaking display cases before making off with all of the merchandise.

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