MJ Was Almost Given Superpowers In Spider-Man: No Way Home

MJ Was Almost Given Superpowers In Spider-Man: No Way Home

15 days ago, Spider-Man: No Way Home started to hit cinemas around the world and its cast and crew could breathe a huge sigh of relief. Most notably Spider-Man himself Tom Holland who has been known for letting MCU secrets slip in interviews ahead of time in the past. Nothing of the sort happened this time around, and all of No Way Home's secrets and surprises were pretty much kept under wraps until the movie had been released into the wild.

Speaking of which, if you haven't seen No Way Home and you're still avoiding spoilers, look away now.

No Way Home featured a lot of super-powered people, whether they be heroes, villains, or somewhere in between. Holland's Spidey was joined by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire as well as a slew of villains from the pair's respective universes. Even Peter Parker's loyal partner in crime Ned was able to open portals after revealing he had magic in his family and acquiring Dr. Strange's ring.

Turns out Ned wasn't the only ordinary MCU character No Way Home's creators considered making super-powered in the film. Holland and Zendaya, who plays MJ in the MCU, revealed she almost got powers too. The topic was broached by the pair during an interview on Russian show OK Na Svyazi.

When Zendaya was asked if she hoped MJ would get superpowers, Holland quickly cut in and revealed it had been considered as his co-star explained why she didn't want that to happen. “I'm actually really happy with MJ, and the character that she is and that she plays,” Zendaya said. “Spider-Man saves the world, but he needs help… that's where Ned and MJ come in and they try to help him figure it out.”

As is the case with anything in the MCU, those carefully piecing the universe, and now the multiverse, together have so many options. There have been times in the comic books where MJ has acquired powers. She even uses her powers to fight crime with Spider-Man and their daughter in The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. Zendaya's MJ might not have superpowers just yet, but it could happen in the future, especially after producers have already discussed the possibility.

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