Modern Warfare 3 open beta release time, date, pre-load and new maps

Modern Warfare 3 open beta release time, date, pre-load and new maps

Call of Duty fans are counting down to the release of the Modern Warfare 3 open beta, which takes place exclusively on PS4 and PS5. After previously releasing for pre-order customers, the second part of the Modern Warfare 3 beta weekend opens up to all to PS4 and PS5 users, even without a pre-order. The Modern Warfare 3 PlayStation open beta has an October 8 release date and a 6pm BST UK launch time.

In order to access the Modern Warfare 3 beta, you’ll need to visit the beta page on the PlayStation Store and select what you want to download.

Indeed, you’ll actually access the beta from Call of Duty HQ, which is available in Modern Warfare 2 and the free-to-play Warzone.

With Warzone weighing in at around 100GB and the beta roughly 26GB, it’s worth pre-loading ahead of launch in order to avoid missing out.

Not only is the second part of the beta weekend available without a pre-order, but you don’t even need a PlayStation Plus subscription.

The first Modern Warfare 3 beta weekend finishes at 6pm BST on October 10.

Unfortunately for Xbox and PC users, the first Modern Warfare 3 beta weekend is only available on PlayStation consoles.

If you’re planning to play on Xbox and PC, then you’ll have to wait until October 12 in order to start playing.

In terms of content, the first Modern Warfare 3 beta weekend features a grand total of five maps.

It begins with Favela, Estate and Skidrow, which are playable in a variety of classic multiplayer game modes.

Activision will add another classic Modern Warfare map on October 8, when the fan-favourite map Rust joins the game.

In addition to the classic maps and game modes, fans can check out the Popov Power Plant map, which is playable as part of the Ground War mode.

This is a larger-scale map and game mode, where teams will have to participate in multiple phases in order to emerge victorious.

Fans will also be able to unlock a selection of exclusive in-game rewards by playing the beta, including Modern Warfare 3 beta sticker, ‘Did the Beta’ Vinyl, Operation Beta weapon charm, Beta Tester animated calling card, Beta Ripper weapon blueprint and an animated emblem.

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