More Xbox Series X Game Reveals Are Coming Soon, According To Xbox Boss

More Xbox Series X Game Reveals Are Coming Soon, According To Xbox Boss

Xbox Series X is due holiday 2020, but up until now we haven’t seen many game reveals for the console beyond Halo Infinite and Hellblade II. But in an interview for IGN’s podcast Unlocked, Xbox boss Phil Spencer says that’s going to change soon, and future reveals will have a much greater focus on games.

When asked if there was anything left to say about the system itself, or whether it was “all games from here on out,” Spencer said that while there are still things to reveal about the system and services provided by Xbox Series X, what they’ve announced so far has been done to “make room for games” in their further reveals.

“We know games are what people play,” Spencer says. “You don’t play variable rate shading, you don’t play ray tracing, you play the games that use those technologies.” Showing off these technologies has paved the way for them to show off how their games will use them. “This is one of the reasons we had Hellblade when we did the unveil at the Game Awards–I thought showing up at the Game Awards without a game would be a little tone-deaf,” he continued.

Spencer promises that Microsoft is “definitely going to be leaning into the games talk now” in the lead-up to release. “A vast majority of what we’re going to be talking about going forward, and frankly our third parties want to talk about as well, is the great games,” he says.

You can hear his full response around the 38 minute mark in the video of the interview.

Elsewhere in the interview, Phil Spencer commented on the impact of COVID-19 on the system and Halo Infinite, reiterating that the system will not be delayed. Spencer also says that Xbox has a “winning plan” for how it will compete with the PlayStation 5.

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