Mow Down Stormtroopers As Baby Yoda In Star Wars Battlefront II (With A Mod)

Mow Down Stormtroopers As Baby Yoda In Star Wars Battlefront II (With A Mod)

Baby Yoda is quite possibly the most popular Star Wars character since the original trilogy and has grown into an icon since his debut in The Mandalorian. Now thanks to a Star Wars Battlefront II mod, you can float around as the adorable green alien while striking down each and every stormtrooper that dares to stand in your path.

A modder by the name of Nanobuds brought Baby Yoda into Battlefront II by modding the recently added BB-8 hero model to resemble the popular green Star Wars creature. Now you can fly across a game of Battlefront at insanely high speeds while zapping down your enemies as the one and only Baby Yoda.

Before the addition of his green sidekick, the Mandalorian himself, Mando, was modded into Battlefront II as well. You would think DICE might eventually consider bringing both characters into the game with an official release, especially considering the massive popularity of the show and the game’s reputation of keeping up with the Star Wars canon. The game has mostly stuck to movie characters in the past, but it’s time to branch out.

Even without the The Mandalorian characters though, Battlefront II has done a great job of recovering from its rocky launch. With consistent updates, fresh content releases, and a team of developers that is actively listening to its player base, Battlefront II has moved further away from being a disaster and much closer to being an essential Star Wars game.

On top of Battlefront II‘s successful recovery, Jedi: Fallen Order, 2019’s single player Star Wars title, impressed fans and critics alike, and even surpassed EA’s financial expectations. It may have been a long time coming, but we might finally be living in an era of consistently good Star Wars video games.

It’s uncertain when we will get the official video game debut of Mando and Baby Yoda, but it’s bound to happen at some point. We have to imagine the debut would take place in Battlefront II as well. The Mandalorian season 2 is scheduled to premiere later this year, which would give DICE a perfect release window. Until then, we have to give thanks to all the modders out there.

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