MultiVersus Dataminer Finds References To A Story Mode

MultiVersus Dataminer Finds References To A Story Mode

A MultiVersus dataminer has found references to a Story Mode within the game's credits.

Last week, we got our first look at some of the content that's coming to MultiVersus in its first season, including Rick, Morty, and a classic arcade mode. It looks like we also might be getting an actual story mode at some point as well, if the credits of the game are any indication.

Reliable MultiVersus leaker multiversusie shared an image of MultiVersus' credits, which show a section titled "Story". You might be surprised to know that MultiVersus does have some story elements, mostly found in the character bios on the game's website, such as references to an event called "The Nothing". We've not seen any of those story elements play out just yet, but it appears that an actual story might play a role in the game's future.

Although one commenter pointed out that "Story" could be in reference to the small character bios that appear on the game's website, multiversusie pointed out that there's a direct reference to a "storyboard artist" within the credits, which implies that there's some kind of bigger narrative going on that's had to be drawn out. Unless the cinematic "You're Wth Me" trailer was storyboarded, it seems that there's a story for the game being planned out.

Speaking of the MultiVersus roster, the description for Reindog on the game's site gives us a little bit of insight into what the plot of the game might end up being, "The world of Zanifeer was one of the first to fall victim to the Nothing during the great dimensional cataclysm. As far as most people knew, there were no survivors… except one. Reindog is a Royal Guardian – a long-lived protector of the Zanifeer royal family assigned to keep them safe. Although he looks fluffy and sweet, the heart of a warrior beats in his chest and he will do whatever it takes to protect those he loves. With the amazing powers from his gem he hopes that he can even find a way to bring back his beloved family."

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