MultiVersus: How To Play As Steven Universe

MultiVersus: How To Play As Steven Universe

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MultiVersus is known for its wild cast of characters. Each character comes with their own class, naturally. But there are some characters who feel like they belong to more than just one. Velma is an example of that, Morty is an example of that, and we would argue that Steven Universe also feels like he fits more than just one of those classes.

While technically a support character, Steven Universe has a number of really strong melee attacks as well. And while he can control space using his shield in a defensive manner, he will often use those shields as walls to bounce his opponents off of during offensive barrages. In that regard, Steven is a character who can play a very strong offensive AND defensive game.

Ability Overview

Steven Universe has one primary goal: to control the arena. There is no character in MultiVersus better at controlling the stage than Steven Universe. He can lock people down, he can trap them, and he can protect his partner in a variety of novel ways. This is, of course, why he is given the Support class designation. However, sorta like how Velma is a healthy mixture of Support and Mage, Steven is a mix of Support and Bruiser. When he isn't forcing people out, he is up in people's grills and bouncing his enemies against a series of shield walls.

Grounded Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Spiky BubbleAttackChargeable, Rose's Gaze DebuffThis is a haymaker punch that is chargeable. It does hit pretty damn hard, but it is a little on the stubby side.

Spiky Bubble can ringout opponents, especially when fully charged, but you will probably only ever land it in the midst of chaos due to how short the range is.

Landing this attack will apply Steven's unique debuff, which will trap his opponent in a bubble once they receive enough hits.

Bubble BarrageForward + AttackThis is a solid, but standard, combo attack. Its best attribute is that it seamlessly combos into his Spike Uppercut or Blockade attacks (just replace the third hit with either).
Spiky UppercutUp + AttackChargeableThis is a solid, but standard, uppercut. It makes for an okay Shield Stepper setup attack (it doesn't combo, but it can still be a good way to get the move out).

Of course, it can also anti-air and kill. It is a solid enough move.

BlockadeDown + AttackBreaks Armor, Deflects ProjectilesThis is another move Steven can use to deal with projectiles. It is also a great way to break armor.

Blockade hits all around Steven, and it can be charged. It is great at getting people off of Steven in a pinch.

Bubble Boy!SpecialRose's Gaze DebuffBubble Boy is a tether that will damage your opponent if they are caught in between you and the tether's end when it pops. This actually gets a pretty healthy knockback and can absolutely kill.

You can tether to your team member or Watermelon Steven as well.

It will also apply the Bubble Debuff, which will trap enemies in a bubble once you hit them a certain amount of times. This will completely take them out of commission.

When your opponent is trapped in the bubble, you can't damage them, but in 2v2 it gives you and your partner an excellent opportunity to go 2v1 on the opponent not stuck in a bubble.

Shield Wall, Activated!Forward + SpecialChargeable, ProjectileThe Shield Wall is a huge part of Steven's Game. It helps him control space brilliantly, but it also acts as a wall for you to bounce your opponents off of.

It goes without saying that it is an excellent tool for stopping projectiles. If you charge the move, it will go farther. Ironically, it is, itself, a projectile as it is traveling.

Shield StepperUp + SpecialChargeableThis is an attack that hits above Steven, plus it places a hovering shield down (or up). It is basically the same move as the Shield Wall, but the shield goes above your head instead.

Obviously, the shield can be used as a platform, but one of its best uses is using it to set up combos where you ricochet your opponents between the shield and the ground.

You can play the shield pretty low to the ground, which means that you can even combo relatively low percentage opponents using it.

Watermelon Steven, Go!Down + SpecialHealsWatermelon Steven is a clone of Steven Universe who is extremely weak and will quickly be removed from the playfield. However, removing them does mean your opponent has to give them their attention, which means that Watermelon Steven can buy you time!

This move isn't "good", but it can still be very useful. Watermelon Steven isn't likely to do much damage, and they will be eliminated quickly, but they are an excellent distraction.

This move also comes out pretty quickly, so you have very little to lose when using it. Just put it out there. If the opponent bats them away in a single hit: whatever.

One more thing, the area where Watermelon Steven appears from will heal you and your partner for a brief period of time. It isn't particularly impactful, but every bit helps.

Aerial Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Pop!AttackChargeableSteven's Pop attack is a lot like Garnet's neutral air attack, it will hit all around you. The range isn't great, but the hitbox is.

The best way to use this move is to charge it close to full in the air, and then fast fall on top of your opponent. This approach makes it a pretty hard move to react to.

Shield-BreakerForward + AttackReflects ProjectilesOne thing that many MultiVersus characters have been given is a pretty solid aerial forward attack. However, none of them deflect projectiles like Steven's does. This is a fantastic way to approach enemies from the sky.

Shield-Breaker will bounce you back on hit, but if you switch direction at the last moment, you can actually use it to pursue your opponent. It is very good!

Bubble Clap!Up + AttackIf you have spent any time with Tom And Jerry, you will be pretty familiar with Steven's Bubble Clap, as it works pretty similarly to Tom's Trashcan Band attack. This move is excellent.

It is fast, it hits hard, it has a nice hitbox, and it even has that sweet spot. You are going to use this attack a lot to ricochet your opponents between your floating shield and the ground.

Bubble Slam!Down + AttackAnother character with a great spiking move in MultiVersus. Like with a lot of Steven's melee attacks, it doesn't have excellent range, but it does hit hard.

Bubble Slam will definitely be a move you use pretty frequently when bouncing opponents between your shield and the ground.

Bubble Boy!SpecialThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Shield Wall, Activated!Forward + SpecialDeflects ProjectilesThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Shield StepperUp + SpecialThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
X-Treme Moves!Down + SpecialDeflects ProjectilesThis is a diving attack that can be pretty decent in a pinch. When you are just trying to get back to the ground, you can try popping this bad boy out.

However, we do typically prefer to use Bubble Slam when above the opponent, and Shield-Breaker when approaching from the side. Pop is also another air attack that just seems generally better than this one.

You can get some cheeky little combos with it, but it isn't really a central move for Steven Universe.

Battle Strategy

Steven Universe is an incredibly versatile character. He is one of the best characters in the game for controlling the playfield. His shields can be used to box opponents out, and he can stop projectile users from being able to effectively utilize their kit. He is also one of the few characters who has a guard button. That's right, much like a character ripped straight from a Smash Bros. game, Steven Universe can actually block.

But that's not all, folks. He has fantastic aerial approach options and some truly excellent attacks for ringing out opponents. So, a great deal of your game revolves around his shields. If you are fighting against someone with strong projectiles, you are probably going to want to start your match off by putting a shield down. If your opponent doesn't immediately start rushing you down, you should probably get Watermelon Steven down as well.

When approaching your opponent, you are best off getting in with Steven's fantastic Shield Breaker special. Doing it low to the ground will give you a very speedy attack that will let you approach rather quickly. Just remember that once you hit with the Shield Breaker, you are going to want to change your direction the moment after the attack lands, so that you can pursue your opponent.

Once you are near your opponent, it is time to do what you do best: build walls and slam your opponents into them. A great way to get one of these sequences started is to hit your opponent up into the air (the combo can get this started), then follow up with a Shield Stepper. With the shield above them, you can try fishing for a Bubble Slam if they are staying grounded, or a Bubble Clap if they are taking to the air.

If you hit, just continue to ground bounce them into the shield above and then Clapping them when they ricochet back down to you. The best part is that if they are damaged enough, then when the shield gives way you may just be able to ring them out then and there. Another great approach is to try to bounce them into the Shield Wall with your Shield Breaker. The Shield Breaker will send your opponents flying, so you can very easily bounce them back and forth against the wall.

One more thing, Steven is an excellent character for edge-guarding shenanigans. When your opponent is trying to recover, your always potent Shield Breaker can bounce them if you pursue them midair (it will even bounce you back to the platform). The Pop air attack is also a strong option, as it covers every angle.

You can also use the shields to force the opponent out, but keep in mind that if you use the Shield Stepper special, and they land on it, they will reset all their specials, jumps, and attacks. However, if they try to jump up, and there is a shield above their head, this will likely cause them some considerable distress. It is all about using these specials intelligently.

Team Play Strategy

Being a support character, it shouldn't be a surprise that Steven has some incredible tools for helping his partner. For starters, when you guard you give yourself a shield that will block three hits… but doing this will also give your partner a shield. That's right, if they are about to get smoked, you can block for them. However, keep in mind that you both share the number of hits the shield can take.

Beyond that extremely potent ability, your shields are an exceptionally effective way of controlling the platform. So, you can help to block aggressive foes, and keep a projectile heavy character safe. If your partner is playing Tom And Jerry, you may be better off just trying to cut off your half of the stage from your opponents with shields while guarding the skies with your excellent Bubble Clap attack. A competent Steven playing defense is a Mage's best friend.

Steven Universe's Progression Unlocks

Mastery LevelImageRewardDescription
TwoPerk: Triple JumpYour team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in the air.
ThreeCurrency: Toasts x Five
FourPerk: Collateral DamageYour team deals one additional damage when knocked back enemies collide with a wall or floor.
FiveCurrency: Gold x 100
SixPerk: Equip Ally PerksUnlock the ability to use an ally's perks in team games.
SevenPerk: Slippery CustomerYour team receives a ten percent longer dodge invulnerability window.
EightSignature Perk: Bounce BubbleEnemies have their hitstun extended and velocity increased after getting knocked into Steven's wall or platform shields
NinePerk: Perk TrainingUnlocks the ability to train ANY perk in the game.
TenSignature Perk: Green ThumbWatermelon Steven grows larger and deals more damage the longer he is alive.
ElevenPerk: Ice To Beat You!Your team's projectiles deal one stack of Ice if they knock enemies back.
TwelvePerk:Absorb 'n' GoYour team receives a seven percent ability cooldown refund after being knocked back by a Projectile.
ThirteenPerk: Up, Up, and A-SlayYour team deals five percent increased damage with attacks that knock back enemies upward
FourteenProfile Icon: Steven Universe Profile
FifteenBadge: Steven Universe Wins

Steven Universe's Signature Perk Overview

Steven's perks are both fun, but one is clearly extremely powerful, and the other is just a good time. If you are looking to be the best Steven you can be, take Bounce Bubble. It makes your shield wall combos more potent which, you know, is kinda Steven's best attribute.

His Green Thump Signature Perk, on the other hand, sees Watermelon Steven grow increasingly large and powerful the longer he is on the screen. We can confirm that this can be a real spectacle, but the truth remains that Watermelon Steven doesn't usually last long. The better perk is obviously Bounce Bubble, but we still recommend that you use Green Thumb on occasion just for the giggles. Live a little!

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