MultiVersus Players Discuss Whether The Game Is "Dying"

MultiVersus Players Discuss Whether The Game Is "Dying"

The MultiVersus subreddit is discussing whether the game is "still alive", "dying", or "dead", following a recent quiet spell when it comes to new characters or content.

Season 2 has been a bit quiet for MultiVersus, with only one new character being added to the game over the past month and a Game of Thrones stage as the most recent big addition. Compared to the game's previous timetable of managing to get content out every few weeks, the lack of anything substantial has had an impact on the community's morale, with discussions over whether the game is "dead" happening more and more.

One such discussion is currently ongoing over on the MultiVersus subreddit, with Redditor TurtleMaster472463 setting up a poll to ask other players if the game is "still alive", "dying", or "dead". As of the time of writing, more than 3,600 players have voted on the poll, and the results probably won't surprise you too much.

The leading result right now is "dying", with 1,800 votes, while "alive" takes second place with 1,200. In final place is "dead", with 626 votes, falling significantly behind the other two options. This shows that the general attitude towards the game right now is that it's stagnant and needs some content updates.

In the comments, many MultiVersus players agree that the game needs some more content updates and has gone too long without anything new, although that doesn't mean that it's dead and can pull itself back thanks to its dedicated community. There are some who point to its low Steam numbers and time to find a match as reasons why it's dying, but the consensus is that there's still time to turn things around and bring back some of the playerbase.

Although "dying" might worry some MultiVersus players, there are a few things to keep in mind. It's undeniable that MultiVersus' numbers have dropped since its launch earlier in the year, but that was bound to happen when it ended up breaking records for how popular it was initially. No game can keep up its best numbers consistently, let alone one that launched as well as MultiVersus.

It's also worth noting that MultiVersus status as "dying" is coming during a time when most of its upcoming content seems to be in development. The lack of a new character in the past month has likely hurt the game's numbers and turned some players away, players who are likely to come back in the future when a big character like The Joker gets added or when Ranked Mode becomes a permanent fixture.

Gamers also have the "dead game" discussion for pretty much every online-focused game that comes out nowadays, and even some that are offline. Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Apex Legends are just a few huge online titles that get hit with "dead game" often, despite still doing huge numbers and having dedicated communities.

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