MultiVersus Update Finally Adds Unique Voice Lines For Fern

MultiVersus Update Finally Adds Unique Voice Lines For Fern

The latest update for MultiVersus has finally given Fern his own unique voice lines.

MultiVersus players will know that there are a range of different skins that have unique voice lines, such as Rick's leaked pickle skin that has him shout his iconic line, or Cake from Adventure Time having a completely different set of quotes to say during battle. Thanks to leaks, we know of quite a few that are coming in the near future, including Fern from Adventure Time, who was spotted and leaked by players during the closed technical test months ago.

Adventure Time fans will know that Fern is essentially a grass version of Finn that came to be thanks to an alternate timeline version of Finn within the Finn Sword merging with a grass demon that was originally attached to the original Finn. If you're not an Adventure Time fan, stick with me here. Although Fern is technically a combination of Finn and the grass demon, he's a completely different character with a different voice actor and a unique personality.

That meant that players were disappointed to hear that the Fern skin found in previous versions of MultiVersus didn't have unique voice lines or his original voice actor, and just copied Finn's lines, despite characters like Cake and Shagworthy getting their own voices. However, as spotted by MultiVersus leaker multiversusie, the latest update to the game that just released and added Gizmo has also added a few notable files into the game, including some unique voice lines for Fern.

As of the time of writing, none of the MultiVersus leakers have actually released the voice lines or the proof of them, but it has been confirmed that the files now contain voicelines for Gizmo, Stripe, and Fern. Although for Gizmo it's obviously his full set of lines considering he's out now, it's not clear whether Fern's are just the data for lines and some text, or if his original voice actor has already recorded the lines.

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