NBA 2K20 Review Round-Up: All the scores for Visual Concepts latest release

NBA 2K20 Review Round-Up: All the scores for Visual Concepts latest release

NBA 2K20 reviews have started to go live ahead following the games release at midnight on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

At the time of writing, very few reviews have actually gone live, such is the way with games such as this which rarlely provide much opportunity to review before the games servers go live. ,

As such, there's no Metacritic or open critic scores to give for now, although we imagine this will change in the next 24 hours.

It'll also be interesting to see the reaction from critics following that somewhat controversial NBA 2K20 casino trailer released last week.

Below we'll be keeping tabs of all the reviews we see for the game, so read on to see what other critics thought of the latest basketball game in the series.

RealSport (9/10) "Without question, this is the best NBA 2K title to date. The visuals are crisp, the gameplay bugs from previous editions have been eradicated and there has been significant improvements to already top quality modes.

"The players feel more real than ever before thanks to the new signature styles, whilst the hard work put into giving the WNBA the introduction is deserves has certainly paid off. The changes to offense and defense make it easier for those who struggle with in-game plays, but are so rewarding when you get them right.

"The most customizable and ambitious 2K title to date will not disappoint if you are an avid basketball gamer"

Stay tuned for more reviews as soon as they're published and if you're thinking of picking up the game take a look at the best prices just below:

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