New Anthem Update Brings Legendary Missions And More

New Anthem Update Brings Legendary Missions And More

Anthem is slowly getting more content, but it likely isn’t what you were hoping it would be. Today BioWare released Anthem’s 1.04 update, which brings a host of fixes to the game, and introduces two new things: legendary missions and Elysian caches.

As promising as the legendary missions sound, they are just harder versions of the already available critical path missions. Only one legendary mission is offered per day, but you can complete it as many times as you would like.

The Elysian caches appear when the final boss of a Stronghold is defeated. To open the cache, you’ll first need to obtain Elysian key, which are handed out for completing daily challenges. The cache holds crafting and vanity materials. When one is opened, everyone in your expedition gets something. BioWare says that there are 67 unique vanity unlocks in the game, and that players will never get duplicates.

BioWare is once again tinkering with loot drops. Apex creatures drop more lote, and you’ll also have a chance of getting items from drops during Strongholds, missions, and freeplay. For more on freelancer balance fixes, PC settings, and bug squashes, head to BioWare’s official update page.

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