New Minecraft DLC Adds Dinosaurs From Jurassic World

New Minecraft DLC Adds Dinosaurs From Jurassic World

Mojang has announced that Minecraft’s new DLC is now available to purchase from the Minecraft Marketplace. Minecraft Jurassic World brings Universal Pictures’ dinosaur franchise to the blocky world.

The new DLC adds 21 skins and more than 60 dinosaurs (including dino hybrids) to Minecraft. In addition to the monstrous inhabitants, the Jurassic World DLC introduces a new luxury resort you’re the park manager of. You can train the dinosaurs, build exhibits in the resort, embark on adventures to discover dinosaur DNA, and more. There are also craftable vehicles inspired by the movies.

Mojang shared a video and some screenshots, embedded below, highlighting not only the new dinosaurs and Jurassic World resort but also the various hijinks you can get into. Minecraft Jurassic World is available on the Bedrock Version, which refers to Android and iOS devices, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Along with the announcement, Mojang is giving away the rare Blue Hoodie character creator item for free.

In other Minecraft news, the Education Edition of the game is now available on Chromebooks. This version, which is designed specifically for educators, also provides support for remote and hybrid learning.

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