New Pokémon Animated Series Shows Off Galar Region And Gives Corviknight Some Love

New Pokémon Animated Series Shows Off Galar Region And Gives Corviknight Some Love

There’s a new Pokémon animated web series on YouTube for you to enjoy, and Corviknight is heavily featured in the first episode.

Nintendo occasionally comes out with these web cartoons, and they’re always quality. Back in 2016, we got to see Pokémon Generations take a look at each generation of the game and tell us some of the backstories with each title. For this latest web series, Nintendo focuses on the Galar Region of Sword & Shield, what with Sword & Shield being a pretty big deal these days.

The series is called Twilight Wings and will have seven episodes that run roughly 5 minutes long. New episodes will appear every month, so it’ll be the summer before we run out.

The first episode is called “Letter” and like Generations, features slightly higher animation quality than the syndicated TV show. It features a kid named John who appears to be in a hospital with some sort of chronic illness. You can see his room is filled with Pokémon paraphernalia and he’s watching the latest Galar League match with his friend.

But John doesn’t want to just watch League matches on TV; he wants to go to the arena and see Leon live. To that end, when Chairman Rose arrives at the hospital for a meet-and-greet, John decides to write a letter that will hopefully convince the Chairman to give him a free ticket to see Leon live.

Although Charizard makes a brief appearance on TV, Corviknight is the featured Pokémon this time. We’re told that this particular Corviknight doesn’t like strangers, which seems a bad quality for a Pokémon that’s used as a taxi service. Still, Corviknight takes an immediate shine to John, perhaps sensing his affinity for Pokémon in general.

We’re not shown the outcome of their meeting, but we can likely assume that Chairman Rose will give John his requested tickets, Make-A-Wish-style.

At the end, we’re shown several other characters from Sword & Shield including several gym leaders, Hop, and Leon. This likely indicates what future episodes will deal with, but we’ll have to wait and see to find out.

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