New Titan Stasis Subclass Detailed For Destiny 2 Beyond Light

New Titan Stasis Subclass Detailed For Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Earlier this week, we got to see what Bungie has cooked up for the new Stasis-based Warlock subclass, the Shadebinder, and now we get to see what the new Titan subclass will be. Appropriately called the Titan “Behemoth,” this new Stasis subclass will cater to what Titans already love doing in Destiny 2: punching stuff in the face.

Of course, the Behemoth is more than just a new way to punch stuff. The Behemoth can both destroy and create using the power of Stasis. For example, the Behemoth can summon walls made of Stasis crystal to both protect their fireteam from enemy fire or to simply provide a stepping stone to reach higher ground.

Or they can use a brand-new Stasis gauntlet to punch thralls in the face and slow down nearby enemies.

Shiver Strike is the new Behemoth melee ability that can be aimed straight ahead for a typical Titan lunge attack, or straight at the ground for a Ground Control AOE. Either way, enemies caught in the blast are slowed to become easy prey for the Behemoth’s allies.

The Behemoth’s Super–Glacial Quake–simply lets the Behemoth do everything better. They can jump higher, run faster, gain unlimited melee energy, and can take way more punishment than normal. They also gain the ability to shatter frozen enemies simply by running or sliding through them, allowing the Behemoth to combo well with the Shadebinder’s freezing abilities.

Bungie also teased a new Aspect and a new Fragment, which are brand new items that will allow Guardians to further customize their Stasis subclasses. The Behemoth-only Aspect is called Tectonic Harvest and it causes shattered Stasis crystals to drop shards that provide melee energy to whoever picks them up.

The new Fragment, which can be obtained by every class, is the Whisper of Durance. This causes slow effects to last longer and provide a +10 bonus to Strength.

Next week we’ll get to see the new Hunter Revenant subclass in detail. Stay tuned.

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