New Warzone Cheat Lets Pro Players Stomp Bots And Newbies

New Warzone Cheat Lets Pro Players Stomp Bots And Newbies

I will admit it–I’m not a good Warzone player. I’ve never been good at battle royale games, but PUBG, Warzone, and Apex Legends I’m particularly bad at. And if you’re bad at these games too, you’ll probably find me thanks to skill-based matchmaking.

Only now you might also run into some professional Warzone player that’s trying to rack up an insane kill count. It’s all thanks to a new cheat that’s going around that lets players manipulate the game’s skill-based matchmaker to gain access to low-skill game lobbies.

Warzone YouTuber Drift0r provides us with the lowdown (with thanks to PC Gamer). Drift0r doesn’t show where to download the cheat or how to use it, but does show some gameplay footage of the cheat in action as he plays against bots and players with a very low K/D ratio.

“The cheat that I did manage to figure out allowed me to get very easy bot, low-skill lobbies about two-thirds of the time,” said Drift0r. The other third was filled with players where the media K/D ratio sometimes got as low as 0.72, which is only just a smidge higher than my own personal K/D ratio.

We should note that Drift0r really thinks this cheat is horrible for the long-term health of Warzone. If this cheat becomes more widespread, newbie lobbies will fill up with pro players looking to make content and casuals just looking to stomp on bots. In both cases, the real loser will be new, unskilled players that have a horrible time no matter which camp they face.

Drift0r also notes that this cheat can be used to make money thanks to real-life Warzone tournaments where pro players spoof themselves into low-skilled lobbies. That’s a real problem for both tournament organizers and the developers.

Thankfully, Drift0r has already provided Activision with all the information about the cheat and how it works, so hopefully Infinity Ward can patch the game to fix it. Then Warzone players can go back to worrying about how overpowered the DMR 14 is and not whether they’re facing off against a Twitch streamer with a 3:1 K/D ratio.

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