Nier Replicant: Where To Catch Sandfish

Nier Replicant: Where To Catch Sandfish

Fishing is a common side mechanic in video games, but it’s not especially popular with mass audiences. As often as fishing crops up, it’s often derided for taking time away from the core gameplay loop or simply being too unwieldy to understand (see The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or the original Nier, two games that do a poor job at explaining the nuances of their fishing mechanics). While Nier Replicant still leaves a lot about fishing up to interpretation, the remake does a much better job at conveying how the mechanic works through clear visual cues and some revised instructions.

The Fisherman’s Gambit is a series of side quests in Seafront that stretch all the way from Part 1 of Nier Replicant into Part 2. Every iteration of The Fisherman’s Gambit tasks players with catching a different kind of fish, taking them all over the world in their journey. While fish are obviously caught in bodies of water, Nier Replicant features sand seas with their own version of sand fishing. The Sandfish is the first fish Nier Replicant sends players to the Desert to catch, requiring tighter skills to land than any fish before it.

The Fisherman’s Gambit, Part 6

Unlike the first five Fisherman’s Gambit side quests, Part 6 cannot be completed during Part 1. After finishing The Fisherman’s Gambit 5, you won’t be able to continue the side quest until after the time skip (the point of no return being Emil’s Manor). During Part 2, you can head straight to Seafront and trigger The Fisherman’s Gambit 6.

Unlike his regular requests, the Fisherman will task Nier with catching three Sandfish. Not only is the amount of fish less than usual, Sandfish cannot be caught in natural bodies of water and will likely be the single hardest bite you’ve needed to reel in so far. When you’re ready, leave Seafront and start making your way to the Desert near Facade.

The Art Of Sand Fishing

For anyone who doesn’t have access to quick travel, leave Nier’s Village towards the Eastern Gate and keep straight on the Eastern Road towards the Desert. Keep right after entering the Desert and follow the mountain side. Head all the way down to the docks below where you’ll find a suitable sandsea. If you do have access to fast travel, simply head to Facade to start right at the docks.

Unlike regular fishing in water, there are some slight differences to sand fishing. Where the fishing rod’s bobber normally goes underwater whenever a fish lands a bite, this doesn’t actually occur in sandsea. You can still rely on subtle visual cues to know when to pull, but otherwise the best way to catch Sandfish is to start pulling whenever the controller vibrates a bit more intensely than usual (use a DualSense for the best results).

Hooking The Sandfish

Fortunately, the Sandfish doesn’t require any special bait to catch. Stand in front of the sea of sand and cast out your regular Lure. When looking for a Sandfish, make sure to avoid soft tugs on the bobber and only pull back when you feel an aggressive pull (Sandfish also generate deeper “shockwaves” in the sand when they bite the bobber). Due to the sand’s ripples, it can be difficult to keep track of where exactly the Sandfish is.

Make sure to always be holding down on the analog and stick to subtle movements whenever the Sandfish changes directions. Be ready to move the fishing rod at any instance, especially once the Sandfish is wearing down. Sandfish are a bit on the rare side, however, so don’t be discouraged if they don’t bite right away. Once three have been caught, head back to the Fisherman in Seafront.

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