Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors – How To Escape The Steam Engine Room

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors – How To Escape The Steam Engine Room

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With Ace, Santa, and June by your side, you will need to find an escape from the Steam Engine room in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. This is the largest room in the game, filled with equipment meant to keep the ship running. Because of its massive size, it's easy to get turned around and confused.

In this guide, we are going to go over how to successfully escape the Steam Engine room. This guide will not contain any spoilers, so you can still enjoy the story naturally while looking to us for help. First, let's take a look at the layout of the Steam Engine room.

Steam Engine Room Layout

The Steam Engine room is a giant rectangle, with coal deposits and belts lining the bottom floor. Around the perimeter of the top floor, you will find a narrow walkway filled with crates that block your way.

Although the room is huge, it's fairly simple to navigate in, since there are no additional or hidden rooms. Now that we know the basic layout, let's escape!

How To Escape The Steam Engine Room

When you first begin your escape, you will be located in the bottom right corner of the room. From here, turn to the right until you see a golden wheel and a staircase.

Head up this staircase and past the panel full of switches. After going past this, you should see a door marked 'A'.

Going through this door will put you on the other side of the platform. To the left of the door, you should now see a second door marked 'B'. Go through this door, and you will be back on the other side of the platform.

While facing the door, turn to your right, and you should see a wheel. Giving it a spin will not cause anything to move; instead, the wheel will break off and will be added to your inventory.

Now, return to door B to the other side of the platform. On the other side of the steam engine, you will see a third door marked with 'C'. Enter this door and go to the wooden box that is being suspended from a rope.

Approach the winch and use your wheel on it. This will allow you to lower the box to the others down below.

Finally, head back downstairs until you can see the golden wheel again. From here, face the left where you started.

Grab the box hanging from a beam and take the 'control panel for something'. This panel can be placed on a slot of the conveyor belt. On the metal part that covered the belt, you should see a small door next to a red light. Open the door and place the control panel.

With the panel in place, press the red button next to it. The conveyor belt will now start to move bringing coal out of the tunnel and into the wooden box at the end. Select this box filled with coal at the end of the belt to add it to your inventory.

Turn slightly to the right from here and inspect the sidewall that has three metal circles on it. Inspecting the circles here will cause little hatches to open, allowing you to put coal inside. With the help of Ace and Santa, you will now fill the furnace with coal.

At this point, you have no method of lighting the coal to start a fire. Return to the staircase leading up to the top platform now, but stop at the panel with switches.

Pull the switch on the far right side of the panel, with a red outline around it. This will cause the gears under the furnace to turn.

After the gears have turned, head to the first golden one. Upon further inspection, you should see a disc now exposed on the top portion of the wheel. Grab this disc and then retrieve the other two discs from the silver and bronze wheels.

Now, head past the silver wheel at the end until you come to a shorter staircase with a pedestal at the top. This is where you need to place the discs that you have just found.

To solve this puzzle, you need to rotate the discs in their correct position.

The gold disk should be on the bottom left, the bronze disk should be on the bottom right, and the silver disk should be in the center.

After the disks are in the correct place, you need to rotate them, so the red lines match up with each other. Once you have the discs in the correct orientation, the door to your left will open, allowing you to escape.

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