Ninjala Players Can Compete Online Dressed As Fairy Tale Characters In Season 5

Ninjala Players Can Compete Online Dressed As Fairy Tale Characters In Season 5

After hitting six million downloads earlier in the year, Ninjala’s fifth season is here, and it lets players customise their ninjas in a theme based on fairytale characters.

The fifth season of the free-to-play, bubblegum-blowing, competitive multiplayer game is now live and will run until June 16, where it’ll be replaced by a currently unthemed sixth season.

There’s a wide range of fairytale characters being added to the game from all over the world, including characters like Rapunzel, Puss in Boots, Pinnochio, and Sun Wukong. Some of the costumes will be part of the fifth season pass, but a large amount of them are relegated to microtransactions, whilst the battle pass is filled with stickers and emotes instead. On the more practical side of things, a suite of new gum weapons has also been added to the game, alongside the addition of a few new cards and an online tournament mode.

Although the most instantly appealing element of the update is the new range of costumes you can unlock, there is also a range of new features and modes being added to the game as part of the new season.

One of the biggest new additions is a Rocket League-esque football mode called Ninjala Striker, where players split into teams and try to hit a big football into goals with gum weapons. A unique piece of headgear will be winnable through playing this mode, although the mode itself will disappear after the first three weekends of Season 5.

Another mode is also being added with this season, although it seems like this one will be a permanent one. The online tournament lets players fight in ranked battles in order to win big prizes, with the first tournament rewarding an exclusive IPPON decoration, a limited edition emote, gumball machine coins, and some ninja medals.

For those just getting into Ninjala, check out these tips to become a master ninja in no time. You can also check out which weapons are best for beginners, and which are better when you’ve got some more experience.

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