Nintendo Direct May Air Next Week, Growing Evidence Suggests

Nintendo Direct May Air Next Week, Growing Evidence Suggests

Nintendo Directs have a history of getting leaked by insiders before they air, and it appears that the same thing might be happening once again. VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb posted a tweet yesterday that suggested that Nintendo will hold another event before the end of the month, and a ResetEra user who leaked this week’s Indie World Showcase made a similar claim.

According to VGC, sources have indicated that Nintendo will hold some sort of event in August or September. July’s Nintendo Direct Mini was leaked in a similar manner, lending more credence to these rumors.

This Nintendo Direct would come at an extremely popular time for game announcements. The DC FanDome event will include more details on Rocksteady’s hotly-anticipated Suicide Squad game, as well as the rumored new Batman game from WB Games Montreal. It also comes in the wake of Nintendo’s own Indie World stream, which came with a barrage of game announcements, including Hades, Grindstone, Hypnospace Outlaw, and many others.

Nintendo has pursued a somewhat unorthodox approach to game announcements recently, forgoing its usual June Direct that accompanies the traditional E3 announcements from other hardware giants. The company also announced a new Paper Mario game and the Pikmin 3 Switch port out of nowhere, which surprised many fans.

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