Oculus Quest’s In Death: Unchained to get an Archery Range Mode [Updated]

Oculus Quest’s In Death: Unchained to get an Archery Range Mode [Updated]

One of the big virtual reality (VR) titles to come to Oculus Quest in June was Superbright’s roguelike In Death: Unchained. The launch has been such a success that the developer has released a thank you letter as well as announcing the next update which will arrive tomorrow.

Written by Wojtek Podgorski, CEO, Superbright, the letter reads:

It’s been two weeks since “In Death: Unchained” was released and I wanted to share a few words with everyone. 

We’re blown away and humbled by how the game was received – the 4.9/5  rating on the store after over 400 reviews makes Unchained one of the highest rated games on Quest and one of its top sellers, despite its more demanding genre. Hearing our players praising the game’s quality, polish and replayability value and their understanding of the growing pains gives meaning to the last year of hard work that went into making this game.

We were also greatly received by the press, with many enthusiastic reviews and a 78/100 rating on vrgamecritic.com. What makes us extra proud is that the game was significantly updated since the reviews, thanks to the team’s ongoing dedication and Oculus’ trust in us updating the game minutes after launch. 

This all speaks to the amazing work the team has put in. According to our players, Unchained is a „benchmark of visual quality” on Quest, and we’re proud that we’ve been able to bring the game in its entirety, complete with its procedurally generated worlds, dozens of enemies and wide variety of visual effects all at the same time. We keep working on the quality, our goal is to be the definitive visual experience on Quest, something beautiful and fun that everyone needs to own to show the hardware pushed to its limits. 

In Death: Unchained is already the highest rated archery game on Quest, but it can be quite challenging. We’d like everyone to be able to join in on the fun and enjoy a rich visual experience, and with these goals in mind, I wanted to announce that we will soon be adding a free new game mode to the game: an archery range, with its own leader boards, where players of all skill levels will find something for themselves. 

Even the most casual players will be able to enjoy the super fun shooting mechanics within the beautiful setting of all three worlds, in a laid-back atmosphere (personally I’d like my family to be able to have fun in the game as well). But when played seriously, our more competitive and hardcore players will be able to push the limits of this mode, and shooting in VR overall, using their skills to reach mind-blowing scores. We will be working on this mode with the community, initially with an inner circle of top players, contest winners and friends of the game.

Tomorrow’s update will be v1.0.9 which will also add lots of community suggestions:

  • The game now comes with three independent profiles so the game can be shared between multiple people on the same headset (community suggestion)
  • Portal to Paradise Lost and a new achievement to unlock starting from this world (community)
  • Updated game balance in The Abyss (community)
  • Improved the quiver usability (community)
  • More sound fixes, additions and updates (community)
  • Tweak checkpoints synchronization (community)
  • Fixed the totem spawner abuse (community)
  • Exploding head achievement now counts correctly (community)

In Death: Unchained is exclusive to Oculus Quest, offering procedurally generated levels where you have to fight through hordes of demonic creatures and angels with either a bow or crossbow. Dying resets the game, altering the challenge in the process. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

Update: VRFocus originally wrote the new gameplay mode would arrive with v1.0.9, this was incorrect and the article has been amended. Apologies.

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