Old School RuneScape Updates God Wars Dungeon and Soul Wars

Old School RuneScape Updates God Wars Dungeon and Soul Wars

Jagex’s latest update for Old School RuneScape makes a few changes to the new Soul Wars minigame and the God Wars Dungeon – ensuring the latter remains accessible to Ironmen.

Soul Wars finally launched in OSRS last week, although players were quick to discover several issues with the new minigame. Jagex pumped out a quick patch, fixing many of the smaller problems while promising more adjustments would follow. The team is now ready to launch another round of fixes, which will go live with this week’s update. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Inactivity timer will begin to count down 10 seconds after a game starts
  • You can examine items in the ‘Other’ section of the Reward Shop
  • Soul Wars tutorial will now properly render characters’ beards
  • A new ‘Check’ option is available in the Spoils of War section of the Reward Shop
  • Time to exit Graveyard reduced from 15 to 10 seconds
  • Brief period of immunity after leaving Graveyard
  • Attacking Avatars from outside the boss room will now pull you in
  • Bandage healing now displays the name of the player healing you
  • Skulled players on Deadman worlds can no longer start the tutorial
  • Bones and Soul Fragments appear above other dropped items
  • Can no longer open Spoils of War on Entrana
  • Gravestones no longer appear in waiting areas
  • Players can no longer bypass a temporary ban for leaving a game early by world-hopping
  • Rebalanced quantity of items in the Spoils of War

Three new Soul Wars worlds have also been added (320 US, 350 UK, 535 AUS).

Ironmen have something to cheer about with this update as well, as “all four God Wars Dungeon generals now have their own shared Ironman instances.” After entering one of the boss rooms, you’ll be sent to a shared Ironman instance that isn’t accessible to regular players. The ‘Peek’ option at each room will let you know how many Ironmen players are already in the instance.

Old School RuneScape is also continuing the 20th-anniversary celebrations – to join in on the fun, head over to the Wizard’s Tower, and talk with the Gnome Child on the top floor. He’ll ask you to run a few errands for him, all of which relate to the history of RuneScape.

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