Ooblets: How To Get More Gummies

Ooblets: How To Get More Gummies

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Gummies are a valuable type of currency that you will use in Ooblets. At the start of the game, you will have none of this little purple cube, but throughout the game, there will be several ways that you can earn more.

With your Gummies, you will then be able to new items like furniture or seeds. In this guide, we are going to go over all the different ways to can earn Gummies from around Badgetown. First, let's take a look at where you can spend Gummies.

Spending Gummies

Gummies can be spent at every store. Think of gummies as the main 'money'; you can purchase seed packs, food, clothes, furniture, and other items. You can also trade your items for Gummies. This can be done from vendor of the associated shop.

For example, if you want to trade at the coffee shop, head to the cashier shown in the image above and interact to begin trading. Now, let's go over some ways to earn Gummies.

Selling Your Produce

On your farm, you can grow ooblet seeds, as well as produce. Rather than just selling the produce after harvesting, we recommend crafting them into something more valuable. For example, after harvesting your crops, make some food with it and then sell it.

Some items do not sell for that much, but if you create a large area on your farm to grow crops for selling, the Gummies will start to add up. As mentioned earlier, you can sell your items from the shops in Badgetown.

Scanning Ooblets

The best way to earn Gummies is to scan Ooblets in the Lernery. This is an area located in the upper right hand corner of town. Inside, you can find Rugnolia, who will scan any new ooblets you find. As a reward, you will receive Gummies. Below, you can check out the Gummies you will receive based on the ooblet scanned.

Ooblet TypeReward
Normal Ooblet50x Gummies
Uncommon Ooblet100x Gummies
Gleamy Ooblet300x Gummies

We recommend collecting as many different Ooblets as you can to scan in for research. Through dance battles, you can get new ooblet seeds and level up your own ooblets. With your new seed, you can then plant and grow an ooblet to be scanned in.

Completing Plenny's Bulk Orders

Early in the game, you will unlock Plenny's Bulk Orders. These are daily tasks that reward you with Gummies.

When these are first unlocked, you will see a few tasks that don't reward you with the most amount of Gummies. Over time, you can unlock more orders with Wishies though. This will expand the Bulk Order selection with some tasks that reward a few hundred Gummies.

The more Gummies a task rewards, the more difficult it will be. If you have enough time and resources, don't forget to check out Plenny's Bulk Orders. The order location will be just before the entrance to your farm.

Buying Gummies

Lastly, you can use Wishies to buy Gummies. We do not recommend doing this if you are running low on Wishies, but if you have enough to spare, you can purchase 100 Gummies for 50 Wishies.

To do this, head to the Wishywell from the Gromboire 'Stuff' menu, shown in the image above.

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